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Author Topic: QUALITY DESCRIPTIONS, $2  (Read 837 times)

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«: July 06, 2010, 09:53:48 AM»
no, not really. unless it's beautiful, lmao. but i am looking to make some money on the side, so I am so generously offering my sweet description-writing skills for a flat rate of $2. You’ll get something snazzy, I promise – just take a look at some of these fine descs I have crafted for a variety of characters!

Description examples

Let’s hear that high note Heartbeat mimicked the upbeat tunes this bittersweet kitten listened to. Smooth mocha washed over silken fur, draped onto lithe bone work; tightly wrapped coils of hair hung high in its banana sheen glory, bangs and a few stray hairs surrounding breathless baby blues – framed by a field of batting kohl lashes. All dolled up with everywhere to go and everything to crash ; what she lacked in size was made up for in a fiery, double-take personality. Each click of hard heels a countdown ‘till the next explosion of color, heartache, and a silver-tongued fight. Curves were flaunted by cute fitting tops and signature skinny jeans, accessorized by a variation of necklaces and bracelets – a pair of headphones never too far away for this gal.

She's a lady -- Purely adorable housecat was cheek-pinch worthy. Wrapped in butterscotch and cinnamon, majestic wings adding a touch of serenity to the otherwise deemed wild child. Layered hairstyle fitting and a bit below shoulder length; kohl lined eyes surrounded ocean blue, matching the burst of color upon the chocolate bikini top. Crooked checkered belt rimmed a pair of jaggedly cut denim shorts, leggings curving around sinewy legs; emerald pumps slipped onto tiny feet, finishing off the odd little surprise. – And ladies, shouldn't be messed with

Ancient bone structure fitted thick corded muscle to the contours of the bod -- long and tall, tough scales closely knitted in a sheet of attractive hues and shape. Crowned King by proclamation made in dozens of cerulean feathers, strung down cranium and beyond. Muzzle spliced white in a sketchy fashion; lower jaw bleeding black all down underside, a compliment to the natural grey hide. Lacerations of tan cut on either side of vertebrae, speckling above both brows - blood red smeared down a single eye, a warrior's mark of death and betrayal. Bringer of doom a gloom held high on a golden wreathed ego; killer by instinct, a deadly ladies man by choice. Two-faced and deceptive; interested in only the finest.

That boy yo’mamma warned you about. Alley cat was just as addicting as the drugs in his system,  all trashy Hollywood glamour wrapped up into a sickly attractive package, primped with a sweet pair of shades. This backwash playboy was the backbone of everything wrong, with a magic wand laced in money and snake-eyed dice. Haphazard hair of coco and butter cream a la mode upon ash coated feline, stamped in randomized splatters the base hue’s darker shade – a gloomy twist to the venom snakebites that kissed lips. Attire remained changing, with only one thing in common; always ghetto-fabulous with a flair unmatched by any other wannabe prince, ‘cept this kid got the keys to the kingdom with just one killer smile from a nicotine steamed mouth. Anti-stylish street walker; with a niche for throwing temper tantrums and being the first in line to buying a new product on the corner of life and death. 


Frostbite; unclassified siren of exotic allure from the dark depths of the ocean -- a self-proclaimed royal lady of the sea.  Long, lithe bodice wrapped in slippery smooth skin blessed with fathomless pale yellow eyes; dappled with spooky chromes illuminated. Endless tail of truculent nature accentuated each poised step just as fluid as the elegant waves themselves. Wearing little to hide the natural beauty of the female's mostly nude physique. Sea creature was cool to the touch and a mystery unmasked, her enigmatic presence was not easily ignored. RP?

A clown that s full of downward smiles and an inappropriate tongue that would ruffle even the queen s carefully preened moral feathers. Haphazard locks of green seemed to be coated in a freezing hairspray to keep their ludicrous angles. Strong face like white marble, cruelly curled lips lacquered in ruby red; to match the streaking fall of hue from forehead to cheeks. Jester s hat placed upon his head with ears hanging low in a silent mope   sharp fabric of kohl belted and snapped in ways remotely similar to a straightjacket over his torso. Pinstripe paints mimicking beetle juice s style hung from the hips. Anchored by smoke filled lungs and various slicing devices, he is a rather volatile male with almost no real sense of reality; and beyond that, a real badass motherfucker dishing out some of the sickest words ever to grace a martyr s ears.

I can generally get done within an hour, or even less. So please have payment ready just in case. Sometimes I can whip something nice up in ten minutes – no worries, if you don’t like it, I’ll re-do it. Just don’t get too bitchy, ‘cause I won’t keep rewriting it more than 4 times. Clearly if you aren’t happy by then, you should just write it yo’self!
Because I’ve been getting some multi-chara requests, I’ve decided to make ‘packages’.
3 characters – $4
4 characters – $6
& so on. It’s $2 off what the price would be for each of them done individually.


Interested? Go ahead and pm me here.
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c'mon people, this is good stuff right hur.

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quitting furc, but i'll still make descriptions for people.

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still open