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Author Topic: Selling Animated Wolf Avatar (REMAPPABLE)  (Read 1057 times)

Offline Sandi

Selling Animated Wolf Avatar (REMAPPABLE)
«: July 31, 2010, 05:33:17 PM»

NOTE: True quality is much richer and less... jerky.

Only for 15 GD, which is incredibly lenient for the entire day I worked on this. I won't accept any other payment method. Sorry, folks.
First come, first serve.

Contact information:
`Whisper Sandii. Guaranteed to be online 98% of the time. I keep her online in Redwood Ravine at all times (unless my internet is down) to take whispers, since I'm staff there.
` PM me on here on the off chance that I'm not online.
` Post on my DA (Do not send a note, because I can't load certain pages on DA at times) with your own contact information.

Editing (once bought) is allowed. Anything can be edited. colors, to add accessories, the background, etc.
Resale is not allowed, even if you traced it with your own hands and "redid" it entirely.
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Re: Selling Animated Wolf Avatar (REMAPPABLE)
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Re: Selling Animated Wolf Avatar (REMAPPABLE)
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Re: Selling Animated Wolf Avatar (REMAPPABLE)
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The image is there. D: