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Author Topic: Jet Set Radio themed: Need rollerblader walkabout set, items, walls, etc. $$  (Read 850 times)

Offline Ally Bailey

Patch item donations and ideas would be greatly appreciated!
So... here's what I'm looking for!

Warning: Having played and/or owning a copy of Jet Set/Grind Radio or Jet Set Radio Future would surely be greatly helpful to artists for reference.

Walkabout: The player avatar set. Looking to replace the whole set of default(non-pay for) avatars with humanistic rollerblading avatars. That is 10 different avatars. Would like 4 male, 4 female and 2 specials based off the Noise Tanks and Immortals from the games. I am looking to spend roughly $100-$200 via paypal or GD, not joking around as I know this is a lot of work. May be able to split this between artists if it is too much work for one.

Items and Walls:Rails, signs, telephone poles and wires, graffiti, cars, etc! Will likely need more than one artist for these things. Price can be negotiated based on how many items are created. We'll talk! :D

I am investing a good deal of money into this project. So to make sure I am making correct choices of artistic candidates please fill out the application I am providing and read the terms and conditions that are listed below!
Main in Game Contact Name:
Avatars, Items, Walls:
Experience (please explain):
Other Comments:
A thread reply is fine. Just fill out as best you can!  ;)

Terms and Conditions
Art, being of patchwork, portrait, etc, which has been paid for by me (Ally Bailey) for myself, friends, or a specific project may not be resold, given away, or simply stolen. The artist of said artworks may ask to use said art in their own dream and I will likely give permission but it cannot be distributed and/or redistributed unless with my permission via public board (such as this) where proof is sufficient.

So that's that! Feel free to ask questions, leave comments and suggestions, or just plain bump!
You can likely contact me in game via Ally Bailey, Boogie, or Jancy Rivera
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Offline Ally Bailey

It's quiet... too quiet...

Offline Ally Bailey

If I'm not offering enough will someone please let me know? :3

Offline Rasberries

Main in Game Contact Name: KieKie OR Rasberries
Avatars, Items, Walls: I'm not sure about the avatars I could have ago doing the walls and items
Experience (please explain): Well, Ive been doing it for months now..so..o3o
References: I don't have none on tghis comp because my other comp died
Other Comments: I don't want the money unt ill I'm done with the patches. But I don't have any refs, you could just trust me on what I'm doing x3

I'll whisper you o3o
Or.. you can whisper me? o3o xD

EDIT: Ive started some of the patches that you have suggested :3
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