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Author Topic: 1 premade/lineart thing fer sale - 2 GDS.  (Read 722 times)

Offline Produce

1 premade/lineart thing fer sale - 2 GDS.
«: April 11, 2008, 12:13:37 AM»
the title tells it aaaall.
this premade lineart thingy for sale for 2 GDs.
since it sucks n all cuz i cant shade fer shit. :'<
i wont take any other digo.
cuz i'll just be ripping you off. lawl.
PM me or whisper produce.

Here's the unfinished product(w/ watermark):

"Just take me home where the mood is mellow,
And the roses are grown,
M&Ms are yellow
And the light bulbs around my mirror don't flicker
Everybody gets a nice autograph picture."