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Author Topic: Animated Feral Animals 6 + 2 steps  (Read 1034 times)

Offline Ally Bailey

Animated Feral Animals 6 + 2 steps
«: August 15, 2010, 07:40:02 AM»
So my friend came up with this idea and it would work best using pets I suppose.

1. Put your pet on a light colored carpet or sheet.

2. Take video of your pet using a digital camera, likely the one on your cell phone would be fine as it can't be too long anways (50 frames).

3. Import the video into your computing device.

4. Resize and turn the video black and white via your favorite video editing software (I'm pretty sure there is free software out there that can achieve this).

5. Export as a gif or save in video format and find some sort of converter (there is plenty out there).

6. Edit and recolor as you please in fsh editor or whatever you use.

7. ?????

8. Profit!

You might also be able to use this for anthro... just add water... err, I mean ears!