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Author Topic: Two Premades! One Upclose, One Full body winged  (Read 865 times)

Offline Ska

Two Premades! One Upclose, One Full body winged
«: April 11, 2008, 09:28:47 AM»
Hey guys. Been a while since I've done ports. I left sort of in the middle of a bunch of commissions, but I am back for a bit and I have two female premades for sale. One is Full Body, Winged. The other is upclose, with a city at night background.

They are 10 GD each.You my have seen these uploaded under Leeli, but I deleted that account. Oh yeah. And markings can be added if desired. I just don't usually put markings on premades so they are easier to modify :)

Premade One

Premade Two

Please message me if you're interested! :)
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