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Author Topic: Monster Hunter RP Dream, would you be interested?  (Read 519 times)

Offline Rex T-Rex

Monster Hunter RP Dream, would you be interested?
«: August 18, 2010, 02:59:52 PM»
So I'm posting this here too because, quite frankly, the Furc forums are limited in HTML and people honestly don't seem to frequent it all that often.
Now then, copy pasta.

I have an interest in making a dream based on the game, Monster Hunter Tri. Originally the patches were only going to come from MH Tri (the "third" major console game), but lately I've been thinking that maybe some more monsters from other Monster Hunter games should be mixed in!

I'd love to add in some more monsters, especially to the piscine wyvern group (I'm thinking of maybe plesioth and lavasioth). (more monsters can be found here-> http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Frontier:_Monster_List )

This is the current line up
(NOTE: all of these come from Tri, although some of them do appear in other games, like the Popo, Raths, and Aptonoth. Also, despite how common or rare they may be in the games some monsters have been made more or less common for this dream in order to have the player patches work nicely and make more sense. This line up may also be subject to change.)
All monster species are arranged in groups based on their wyvern type and listed in order with other monsters that are similar to them (EX: Jaggi, Great Jaggi]

Color Grid -> Common (free av), Semi Common (ferians), Semi Rare (Nobles), Rare (less common digos)

LOCALS-> male hunter/female hunter


Jaggi pic
Jaggia pic
Great Jaggi pic

Baggi pic
Great Baggi pic

Queropeco (walking)
Querupeco (flying)


Ludroth pic
Royal Ludroth pic

Gobul pic

Lagiacrus pic

Uroktor pic
Agnaktor pic


Barroth pic
Uragaan pic
Deviljho pic

~True Wyverns~
Rathian/Rathalos (walking)
Rathian/Rathalos (flying)
Rathian pic/Rathalos pic

Diablos pic

~Pseudo Wyverns~
Barioth pic

Giggi pic
Gigginox pic


Delex (delex may be cut out to make room for another freebie av unless it become popular) pic


Epioth pic

Aptonoth pic

Popo pic

Rhenoplos pic

Kelbi pic


Meylnx/Felyne Melynx pic/Felyne pic

Shakalaka (specifically based around Cha-Cha) pic


Alatreon pic

Ceadeus pic
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