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Author Topic: Need You To Help Us Get Started!  (Read 640 times)

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Need You To Help Us Get Started!
«: August 18, 2010, 05:18:23 PM»
Let me give you some brief history for some that might not know. I was with the radio team of AllFurRadio until recently; the Furcadia branch disbanded this past June. I was the CEO in charge of the Furcadia branch for two years, and things got to the point where I knew morally and out of respect for the staff I had and myself, I could not work for AFR owners anymore. Thus said, I went to my DJs and explained what was going on, what caused me to decide to leave AFR ... and I took this also to our many Dream Sponsers throughout Furcadia. All of my DJs walked out the door with me, as well as did the Dream Sponsers. Since that time, the management team that I had working with me at AFR Furcadia, have been planning and getting together another radio station. All the same DJs plus a few new faces will be bringing Furcadia as well as other places live entertainment.

That being said, FurFusion Radio is the name of our new group! Kashi is currently working on getting our site done, and we're working on getting a few more minor things in order and we will be ready to get on air! We're so excited to get started and get back on air, having some fun with everyone again. We're needing banners for advertisement...  For those of you who help, if you wanted to give me the information and you WANT advertised, we as a team of DJs would advertise you on air for 2 weeks (you don't have to be advertised if you don't want.. which some might not want to be, but it's offered for those of you who do). You can find all the dimension requirements and animation requirements here: www.furfusionradio.devia ntart.com Please note me back if you want to help us get started in this way or even send me an email or find me on Furcadia. We appreciate all the help and support we get! Finished banners can be sent to [email protected] (still getting legit site email set up for now). Any questions, just ask!


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Re: Need You To Help Us Get Started!
«Reply #1: September 04, 2010, 10:04:39 PM»
I would like to help out with this actually. :) Just tell me what I need to do. I'm a bit tired right now, aha.
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