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Author Topic: Looking for Anthro Character Art  (Read 490 times)

Offline Myao Nananko

Looking for Anthro Character Art
«: August 20, 2010, 06:16:05 PM»
Hiya. I'm looking for someone(s) to do some art on my fursona.
Is my fursona, Myao. I'm a FatCat.
What I am looking for is different art styles than the previously linked image.
I am pretty lienant towards how he is done but, I would like to list a few important... Ideas, I guess you would call them.

First, I don't mind if you would like to change his clothing, Anything is fine but, if you would like to dress to his prefrences it would be: Plane Jane. :B A plain colored shirt and some baggy pants. The iron manacles are supposed to be broken but, are an optional piece of equipment.

Second, The tail is 1 1/2 times his size in length. If you need details, the tail is about 9ft long and about 4in wide.

Last, even though it may seem weird, he has a beard. :3 Because I do irl though, I wish it were longer. ;;

Other than that, we now go to the pricing:
I can't afford a lot, if you want money, I only work with paypal. If you want GD that can be arranged. I'm looking anywhere close to... 5GD or less?
  If you wish to contact me, either whisper Myao Nananko in Furcadia or, send me an eMail at: [email protected] It usually takes me a day or two to catch up to my emails. :3

Thank you,
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Offline maki

Re: Looking for Anthro Character Art
«Reply #1: August 24, 2010, 03:13:41 AM»
 $4.00 for A, $4.50 for B, $5.00 for C. Paypal preferred. http://i33.tinypic.com/6ekn0k.jpg

message me if interested <3


Re: Looking for Anthro Character Art
«Reply #2: August 31, 2010, 10:51:40 AM»