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Author Topic: Seeking Animated Portrait Artist  (Read 560 times)

Offline Rydia

Seeking Animated Portrait Artist
«: August 22, 2010, 05:48:08 PM»
Hey, folks. I'm looking to hire someone to complete an animated portrait of my character, Serenne. She's an eagle-lion gryphon, so some experience in drawing birdforms is necessary. She's also a valkyrie in profession, and hence I'd like to find someone who can doodle with armor as well.

I do have a clear visual reference, as well as detailed textual description of her.

To give you a bit of a guide in pricing, the animation I'm looking for would mostly be in the form of long hair blowing in a non-continuous breeze. Other details may be added - I'm not certain if adding some feather movement in her wings would be too busy for the eye or not, but we can work that out later. Remap or non-remap editor colours is not important to me.

Payment would be via Paypal or scales; your choice. Leave a message here or send me a whisper at Rydia Aslin in-game if you're interested. Please forward along your estimate of pricing, as well! Thanks!