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Author Topic: wanna draw Luftwaffe?  (Read 949 times)

Offline Maxine

wanna draw Luftwaffe?
«: August 24, 2010, 01:42:34 AM»
to draw this dood.

credits for the picture goes to pez.

so anyways, i'm on the search for someone to draw this guy. whether it be lineart, something full and colored, whatever. i'm not even looking for anything special because i can't say i have much to offer more than 5-10 gd. so, if your price can range between that, or even if your work can be voluntary or even cheaper than that, it'd be great. but we all want profit, so i'd understand if you won't work that way.

anyways, i don't check FAZ much, so it'd be more convenient for the both of us if you contacted me by whispering either:

happy art'ing, guys.