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Author Topic: [A r t . b y . A s t r a]  (Read 867 times)

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[A r t . b y . A s t r a]
«: September 06, 2010, 08:50:07 PM»
[ Character Art // Reference Sheets // Gallery ]
Also check out my portraits, premades, and wuffs. o:

My previous host ate my old site so I'm having to redo everything.
Some examples are missing on the pages but other than that,
all the info should be there.

From most preferred to least preferred, I accept:

Paypal // Spaces // GD // Lifers

$5/space.  I'm also not interested in lifers that are
difficult to resell.  For everything else, it depends.
You can run it by me anyway, but I can't guarantee anything.

*Paying up front is entirely up to you. I don't expect payment
until after I've finished.  If you want to go ahead and pay me
before I have, please keep in mind that my life can get hectic
and when that happens, I may be slow to finish your art.

*All of my prices are negotiable within reason.

*For every $50 you've ever spent on any art from me, I will
draw you up to $10 worth of art for free.  Or, save it and take
$10 off a future commission. c:

PM, email ([email protected]), or whisper Astra in-game. c:

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[ W u f f s ]
«Reply #1: May 28, 2011, 02:26:29 PM»
Quote from: Astra

5 PP/GD or 1 space

What's a wuff? It's a disgruntled little furry turd that looks like he's been poked with a stick.
For $5 PayPal, 5GD, or a space, you can have one done in your character's markings.
Also check out the expression sheet to see what faces you have to choose from. x3

PM, email ([email protected]), or whisper Astra in-game.
For more information, check out the wuffs site. c:
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Re: [A r t . b y . A s t r a]
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Re: [A r t . b y . A s t r a]
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