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Author Topic: Elderly Rodent Portrait  (Read 502 times)

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Elderly Rodent Portrait
«: September 07, 2010, 02:19:05 PM»
I'm looking for a skilled portrait artist to make a portrait for one of my roleplaying characters. I am looking for a realistic remappable portrait, nothing cute or artsy. I recently had one port done by Heimdall (http://vorpalmuse.webs.com/furcadia/portraits.html Mine is currently the last one posted at the bottom).

I'm looking for someone who is confident that they can portray an aged character well in a remappable portrait. What I'm hoping for is just a simple portrait of this character, with lighting and shading that accentuate his age and experience, without making him look like a prune.


This is my character's description so that you can decide whether or not you would be interested:

Faded, blue eyes exude an air of experience in this elderly, frail rat. Large, round ears limply hang closely to his scalp of white, short hair. He is dressed in simple clothing; brown wool trousers and a black leather vest, the top of four buttons unfastened. Small leather boots fit his tiny feet, guided by the small oaken cane in his left hand. Whiskers, several inches long, lay in clusters of four on both sides of his elongated snout, which ends in a round, black nose. A long, hairless tail hangs from the back of his trousers, through a neatly cut hole.

If you're interested, please post a link to a portfolio of your portrait works along with your rates and fees for a portrait.


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Re: Elderly Rodent Portrait
«Reply #1: September 09, 2010, 01:12:19 PM»
I certainly think I'd be able to have a go at this; all my information can be found in the link in my signature.