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Author Topic: Leather goods pricing  (Read 729 times)

Offline Heimdall

Leather goods pricing
«: September 14, 2010, 10:20:46 AM»
Hello, all. I was wondering how much you'd pay for leather goods. I'm basically flying by the seat of my pants at this point! I generally make wearable stuff like armors and accessories, but I also make fair stuff and jewelry. There's a big range of stuff in my leathercraft gallery: some of it is really old. So keep that in mind when you're pricing. I have better skills and tools now. :D


What kinds of leather stuff do you like? (armor, collars, bags, jewelry...)
What themes and colors are you interested in? (all black, black and silver, fire colors, autumn colors, dragons, Norse mythology...)
What would you pay for a premade leather thing you like? (you see it in a shop, like it, and buy it)
... for a semi-custom? (it's made from a pattern, but with the colors you specify, and likely sized to fit you best)
... for a fully custom? (made from a brand-new pattern that's just for you. or maybe a new pattern that I'll then use in other projects, which would be cheaper!)
Are my current premade prices fair? (you can see them on my Etsy)

Thanks for your input!


Offline Marco

Re: Leather goods pricing
«Reply #1: September 15, 2010, 12:42:47 PM»
I'm personally into collars, because im a fag lol. The one you have on etsy is good, but I'd suggest looking into lining them with something (leather, cloth, idk). I get itchy with just leather on me orz.
The bag was also cute btw. I personally am into like.. native-american-esque and medieval. or, and greco-roman. Nordic is nice, but not my thing. x)
As for colors, its good to stock in monotones/neutrals, plus some "popular" colors like purple, red, teal, etc.. And maybe have an option to have another color ordered for an extra charge or something.
perhaps keep a like standard pattern, and then for extra do a custom sort of thing.

your prices seem pretty reasonable, so. x)
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Offline Heimdall

Re: Leather goods pricing
«Reply #2: September 15, 2010, 10:16:38 PM»
I'm not sure how to comfortably add a lining... sewing it on would be even more uncomfortable, and it seems like it's get really wrinkled up if you try and glue it on. It was one thing I thought really long and hard about, but I decided to let it go since this leather is pretty smooth on the back. I'll have to see how other folks do it.

Thanks! :)