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Author Topic: nonremap fallout ghoul portrait  (Read 640 times)

Offline Jenni

nonremap fallout ghoul portrait
«: September 16, 2010, 03:26:57 PM»
hi i'm looking to commission for a nonremappable (but pixelated) portrait of a personal character of mine, which happens to be a ghoul from the popular fallout series.
if you don't know what a ghoul is, or what they look like, simply google fallout ghoul. my character is female and requires some semblance of humanity, yaddyadda if you're really curious about it, i'll pm you some references to some artists renditions of ghouls that i'd want to be somewhat similar to in style.

i can pay in paypal or spaces (as many as you want if you're good enough... i have 6 to spare).
if you are interested please PM me with prices/examples. thank you
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Offline Jenni

Re: nonremap fallout ghoul portrait
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edit lol