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Author Topic: designs for sale! prices negotiable.  (Read 737 times)

Offline devius

designs for sale! prices negotiable.
«: September 16, 2010, 04:01:00 PM»
NOTE: i am ONLY taking paypal for this stuff. i am not active enough on furcadia or any other game/site to want or need anything else.

i will give you my paypal address in a PM only. PM me if you're interested, or note me on FA if that's how you found this. i guess you're welcome to post here, too, but i might end up not reading it.

names are changeable, as are designs. feel free to modify as necessary. i will NOT make changes myself, though. that's up to you.

male kirin, comes with (optional) furc alt + kirin digo:
Extra: Kirin, tradeable in 69 days, expires on 2011-02-10/22:01:00/Thu
art: 1 2
AB: $15 (with all extras)
HB: ?

sea slug anthro, comes with (optional) furc alt + 2 ports!
ports: 1 2 (second is ANIMATED; the bubbles glow)
art: 1 2
AB: $30 (with all extras)
HB: ?

prices are all negotiable. <3 feel free to make your offers.
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