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Author Topic: Nonremap $7, Remap $10  (Read 1004 times)

Offline Sushi

Nonremap $7, Remap $10
«: September 16, 2010, 04:29:15 PM»
OKAY. I like to draw. I like monies.

accepted payment

declined payment
anything else

I have an epic special cool deal of wtf is wrong with you Sushi going on. there are some stuffed animals i want really badly. so, here's the deal. if you buy me a stuffed animal with a price of:
~4.99 - you get a nonremap port OR a coloured bust shot
~10.99 to 14.99 - you get a nonremap and a remap OR two nonremaps OR a nonremap and a full coloured body shot
~15.99 to 20 - you get two nonremaps and a remap OR a nonremap and two remaps OR three nonremaps OR two full colour body shots and a nonremap OR a ref sheet, full coloured body and a nonremap
~above 20 - uhh we'll talk LOL GOD YOU'RE SO NICE TO ME

I want a whole list stuffies, so take advantage of this deal. Seriously. I want stuffies lofl. if you have an idea of what pieces of artwork could make up a price, ask me. bargain with me. if you are willing to buy me a stuffie i will make it work.

nonremap examples

<- for sale $5/7gd

remap examples

more examples to come, promise (especially if im commished  8))

Regarding character art
Regarding premade designs & deals that go with them
Regarding alts

PM here
PM Jo on FAM
Whisper Sushi/Flower/Bee on furc.
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