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Author Topic: Derpy, nerdy, silly, gamer-related crafts! Mass Effect, Pokemon, L4D, &&more  (Read 1474 times)

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UPDATE: I've been featured on a gamer blog for my crafts! You can read it here. I was given an interview a few weeks ago, and it's finally posted. So if you'd like to know more about what I do, check it out!

H e l l o ~ I don't think people realize that I don't just draw a shitty webcomic or spend most of my time on the internet derp-hurping it up and laughing at retards. I also MAKE STUFF!


That's right, folks. For a (not-so) limited time, I'm offering my nerdy commissions here. For you. To buy.

Here's a few examples of what I can do. Price breakdown will follow all that garbage. :D

First and foremost though, PAYPAL ONLY. At LEAST for the materials and shipping costs. I can't send stuff through the mail with Neopoints or a life digo no matter HOW hard I'll try.

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4

1 2 3



Derpy plushies!!!!

1 2

Prices totally depend on what you're asking for. -E v e r y t h i n g- (aside scarves, Turian hats, and headbands) have a base price of 30 dollars. That number will either stay at 30 or go up(depending on complexity of what you're looking for) or go down(if I'm having a price reduction, or we work something out).

Turian hats are 80 dollars plus materials & shipping. So 100 bux a pop.
Don't look so surprised, I've gotten two commissions for them at that price.

Turian hats can also be customized by colour combinations and location of markings. An accurate sketch must accompany your information if you want something other than Garrus' markings. :D

ANYTHING I make can be customized to whatever you want, obviously. Just because I only show an N7 scarf does NOT mean that's all I'll make.

If you feel like commissioning me but don't see something you're looking for, ASK. I can make almost anything, and like a challenge! We can work out the price as soon as you know what you want. Example being, I've been asked for Persona 3 boxing gloves, a Squirtle Shell backpack, and shitloads more. @[email protected]

Materials will always cost 10 dollars no matter what.
Shipping and handling will always be 10 dollars for everything BUT blankets.
(those will be 15 because they're big and cumbersome and sometimes weigh a lot. :C)
If for some reason these prices are grossly out of your price range but you really want something, I'm open to try and work something out with you.

SO. All that being said, please drop me a PM here, comment, or note me on dA or fA if you're interested!


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Finished another Turian hat! :)

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Another hat goes up~

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Added some new things; MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASKS *____*

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Featured on The Electronic Wasteland gamer blog for my crafts. :3 Thought I'd share it. It's in the first post.

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