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Author Topic: Seeking Artist - Going over options  (Read 772 times)


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Seeking Artist - Going over options
«: September 22, 2010, 01:01:36 PM»
I recently bought the alt Reptile off Amber and I decided to tweak the design of her wings a bit and add more color instead of leaving them a pain solid color.

I only got a few ports, about 2 to 5 if that, I want altered and one that needs nipples added to it as well.

Note: This port below isn't one of the ones I want altered cause it came that way by default.
The only thing I did is swap my boot and cape color to make the solid green appear. The one on the right is the Re-map (DONT STEAL) and the small re-mapped version thats loaded to the alt.

All I want is for the solid green wings on my ports to be altered so that they will turn into the multi-color blue and green wings. And on one of the ports I want nipples added to it as well as the recolor.

Reference Image:
artwork by Eevee

I will need..
Examples of your work?
Payment type?

Willing to pay in Scales, GD's, or Paypal.
I have to wait for my paycheck to come in so I can clear the ports off, to have the alterations made for them and then re-upload them to the old space. Also cause I don't have the money at this exact time.

Whisper me on Envy or Reptile for a faster response.

People who have offered and will keep in mind
Baroness -- Cost: 1 GD
Pretty Killer -- Cost: $2 Paypal (per port)
Sushi -- $12 Plushie (from a website)
        -- Character Reference for Raptor
        -- Fix my old Reptile drawing to her current design.
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Re: Seeking Artist - Going over options
«Reply #1: September 29, 2010, 11:23:23 PM»
Please check out my post for examples:
and/or my deviantart.

However, with pricing, since you're just wanting wings changed (and nipples on one of them) I'd be willing to go for $1 via paypal per port, so long as you're just wanting wings &nips); the more edits the more it might cost but only up to $4 per port for edits :)

You can contact me via this thread, a PM, my email: [email protected], or in game on the name Jemmeh.

Thank you~


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Re: Seeking Artist - Going over options
«Reply #2: September 30, 2010, 09:03:38 AM»
I have my info posted here.

Remap ports are $10/15GD. If interested, feel free to drop me a PM.