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Author Topic: What types of ports do you like?  (Read 1526 times)

Offline Miaow

What types of ports do you like?
«: April 14, 2008, 09:24:52 AM»
I'm just curious as to how many different types of portraits there are out there. I am going to attempt (yes again for the 50'th time) to get back into making portraits. I have a scanner and a tablet now so it shouldn't take me a year and a half to finish one picture.

But, before I promise anything I need to make my examples and I can hit a lot of different styles I just forgot them all. :x

But yeah, I'd like some feedback as far as what types of portraits are popular, what ones you prefer, ect~ :3


Offline Kratos

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #1: April 14, 2008, 10:50:34 AM»
im not really sure what you mean by "type."
anime, cartoony, realistic? artist? what?

uhh anyway.
theres a favorite port artist thread going on at FAM if you wanna take a look at that, and then look around at the ones mentioned often to pick up on some things.
im a fan of realistic portraits, meaning SHADING usually.
i am picky as hell with shading - if the portrait's shading is poor, i'm more than likely not spending money on it.
lineart i'm not as picky with - as long as it's good and portrays my character, then i'm a happy lady.

personally i love the work of the following:
myself & morning tiger (rofl okay not LOVE but i like it)
aeryn elanor
illegal (old port style though)
and some others that i dont remember right now.

Offline Hugo

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #2: April 14, 2008, 10:56:02 AM»
I think a lot of people like ports that show full body or multiple shots of the character (Face and fullbody or face and bust).

Or a really detailed background, they like those.

Offline La-la

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #3: April 14, 2008, 12:53:01 PM»
Uniqueness! Especially if someone can capture my character.

Offline Miaow

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #4: April 14, 2008, 01:15:09 PM»
By type I mean anime (human, like the shows), anime anthro (something like tae/pez), "chibi/cute" anime (usually an anime anthro atrist can pull this off too), feral, anthro (like dwy, ninali, ect.) Then out of those like Hugo suggested full body, face, shoulder and up, ect.

I've noticed its generally either feral or anthro with close to full body. I'm just trying to get a feel right now for what types of portraits I should be making.

Offline Kratos

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #5: April 14, 2008, 03:59:59 PM»
ah okay.
im an anthro-only person myself, and i've noticed that anthro ports are very common, but i've seen a big demand for feral stuff lately.

im not too picky with whats shown in the portrait - i like fullbody, face, torso up, whatever worksssssss.

Offline Sync

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #6: April 14, 2008, 04:15:56 PM»
i really like unique poses. poses do often make me like a port. as long as they're in the style i like anyway.

Offline Tate

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #7: April 14, 2008, 04:25:59 PM»
It really depends on the person, when it comes to what's displayed. So far, I've only seen two or three people who I enjoy's shading when it comes to a full body port. It's a hard-to-get balance.

But as far as the styles, I...really, really hate anime/chibi ports. There are maybe one or two artists who I could ever buy from, and like the art. I like feral, but, once more, I'm a hard sell.

And then when it comes to anthro, there are so many styles of anthro! Human face-type, semi-animal face type, full-on snoutage.. Then then there's those ones with the ears on the side of the head, or on the top.

I like
all types of snoutage depending on the animal portrayed.
Top of head ears.
Non-fluffy cheeks, unless the animal actually has it.
Non-scaley rodent tails. They actually have fuzz on them, didja know??

Side of head ears
Fluffy cheeks on animals that really don't need it. Stop the retarded stereotypes, people.
Scaley rodent tails. They make me froth at the mouth. Unless it's part of a character design, stop doing it. I'm sick of people giving tachs a pink tail.
Overly large ears on normal-small eared animals.
Tails that are fifty thousand times bigger than the body


I can't stand flat areas of color. SHADESHADESHADEPLZ

I can't stand too much highlight. Highlights are minimal, people, unless you're standing full out in a bright sun. And then it shouldn't be flat and screaming for attention. It should be dithered.

Um... I should stop before I throw myself in to a rant 8D


Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #8: April 16, 2008, 02:44:37 PM»
I like human ports and cell shading. I don't know why, but fully shaded ports don't appeal to me. Just something about how most blend into their own background, or how some people shade clothes the same as fur/skin, it's just.. weird.

When I commission people, I generally discourage close ups of the face. I want some of the shirt in the port, too. Shrug. Torso and up, I guess.

Offline Tonks

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #9: April 16, 2008, 04:30:05 PM»
Uniqueness from every angle!

I like ports that have unique poses, unique shading, etc. Even unique backgrounds. c: I'm also an anthro kind of person, which is what the majority (I find) of artists do, but it's good to be skilled in anthro and feral, so more than just one group or the other can commission you.

Make yourself skilled in several different styles (chibi, realistic, etc..), then you'll keep yourself busy and more money, because everybody looks for something different. <3

Offline Gage

Re: What types of ports do you like?
«Reply #10: April 17, 2008, 08:56:24 AM»
Original poses, stances, detail
I hate when I have a character I want lots of port art for. I end up with fuickin 20 ports with all the same pose, which tells me either people are lazy or just need to work on more poses. I'm sick of seeing my character stand in the middle, arms down, nothing special about it other than it being my character.
I know I'm good for something. I just havnt found it yet!