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Author Topic: Character desciptions  (Read 578 times)


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Character desciptions
«: September 23, 2010, 11:11:49 AM»
Right so... I do some for my friends for free and I think I should maybe give writing other people's a go.
It will be 1GD for a standard desc and 2GD for a more in depth one.

**I will take art, GD, portspaces (will do discount for more than 2 descs) maybe alts too.

What I need:
Name of char:
Colour of eyes:
Colour of hair:
Colour of skin/fur:
Any special features? Tail/wings/fins etc:
Colour of clothing:
Added extra? bags/books etc:
Refs if possible (not completely needed)

Examples (standard):
Luscious caramel locks hung down past shoulders, curling towards that cherub like face. Black blotched ears and a pair of small horns stuck out from those tresses, giving away his species near instantly. Large hazel eyes, thick lashes and a button nose sure enough gave him the cute factor. Around slender neck hung a rich, red leather collar, golden bell attached, jingling away whenever the chance was given. Slim and slender frame made the boy look slightly smaller that he should have been, pallid flesh littered with the hint of those black blotches again, legs giving it away more so than any other part of that sweet little body. Human like body was almost tainted with those splashes of black, the ears and of course the tail. Willowy tail swayed behind that pert rump, tipped with ebony. The little bull was nothing short of harmless, sweet disposition and a lovely nature left him polite and helpful; not that it counted for a lot around these parts.

Socially adept was not a trait the boy held though there were a fair few other tricks he had up his sleeve. ASBO should have been slapped on the lad years ago what with that old cargo green parka and baggy slacks; he looked like he'd been kicked out of the hobo home. Black and white checked Vans poked out from beneath jeans, scuffed and looking as though they were about to fall to bits. Human by simple appearance though shape shifter by trade. Bitter demeanour left to him and arrogance shined through, friend to no one, pest to many.

Examples (In depth - longer)
<b>Breathe the pressure.</b> Stunning mess of blonde and neon, spiked up into that everlasting bed-head look. Kid was fucked up, mind always trying to get the better of him, sleepless nights and ghastly day dreams left large shadowy circles around those beautiful blue eyes now ringed with kohl. Clothing consisted of the usual mental institution uniform, straight jacket that the skinny boy could easily squeeze out of, long baggy black trousers finishing in bare feet. Skin was that surprising shade of pale, not white, still holding some pigment in it; cheeks often slightly pinker, heart shaped lips with just a kissable pout. Insanity could be attractive. <b>Psychosomatic addict, insane.

Insanity was fun, despite the drugs, the doctors and of course the odd looks. The male was not something easily turned away from, he was definite eye candy though with that shoulder length, multicoloured, dreadlocked, neon hair he was hardly going to be missed. Hair started off with a rather vibrant purple, near neon, blending down into a lovely ocean blue which in turn moved down to a vivid, neon green, tipped with hints of pink. Blending into the crowd was not something he felt comfortable doing, standing out was almost a talent; personality was nearly as hyper as his hair, unable to think within the box to save his life, everything seemed so very black and white, grey areas were a myth. Skin was a shimmering pale colour, having a near pearl essence to it though for all intense and purpose the boy looked to be human. Eyes were of a stunning blue, only more shimmering and dipping into purple from time to time, never really giving away much. Luscious, heart shaped lips were a lovely peach colour, nothing too bright or wild for once. Piercings... Well there were many that was for sure; ears were covered in little silver rings, one even held a chain that connected nose to that ear, other parts held small studs, lip, twice, back of the neck and even collar bone. Clothing was the only thing toned down about the boy, simple black t-shirt and grey slacks, clinging o hips as pallid, bare feet stuck out, of course with painted toenails!

<b>I go rawr, like da' bigger dinosawrs.</b> White skin, pale as ash covered the boy; tainted legs and arms ran up with the most natural of greens. Violently emerald hair sprouted from that pretty little head, curling around into some sort of messed mop; bright yellow eyes would only peak out of those tresses. From the front to boy could pass for only somewhat odd but from behind he was... Rather different. Large spines, in pairs trailed down his back and along a fairly large, thick tail, tipped with four nasty looking spikes; only meant for protection.That skinny frame was covered in just a pair of fairly grubby if not tattered trousers, jet black in colour and about a size too big for the dino boy. All in all the kid was not the dangerous dino he should be, he was meek, easily scared and sometimes way too trusting towards others, never a good combination for a creature who wasn't designed to move fast.

<b>When there is no more room in hell..</b> That's right, the dead were walking the earth, with his mismatched eyes and scared face. Long locks of grey hung down over his shoulders, green blotches were the first signs of real decay, running down over his right arm, but the fact that he struggled to talk and when he could he struggled to think of the words were indeed more of an indication of the rot setting in. Single glazed eye and one complete ebony, claw marks running from forehead right down to cheek bone. Ears littered with piercings and flesh tunnels, spots of black, indication rot once more. Stomach and side were covered in the same claw marks, peeking into his insides, liver and intestines visible but only from the one side. The simple fact was, yes, he did have the intentions and urges to eat the living but it was something that he was willing to fight. Boy had a tendency to sleep like the dead, laying down for weeks on end, only getting up when he felt the need to and even then he might not even eat. <b>.. Then the dead will walk the earth.</b>


Long, luxurious locks of green leaked down and past shoulder, under-layer of hair poking through the bottom to blend in with a rather vivid, shocking pinks, few, random strands of hair tipped with a very tell-tale species trait. Large purple eyes surrounded but greens and brown, of course he was a peacock and a hybrid at that. Eyes shone with a mixture of cherry, jade and cobalt, shimmering in any sort of light, picking up when there was near darkness on the fractions of light. Moving from the bridge of that rather cute button nose, sprung a single random feather, bursting into glory with all those shimmering tones of gold and blue, flecked with blue. He was such a pretty sight, an utter pride and perfect specimen of his species. Near perfect white flesh encase that slender form, hint of muscles traced his chest and lined stomach; slim, almost dancer like legs just seemed to never end as large, handsome plumage came crashing down from the top of that pert rear, spilling onto the floor behind those slim and tender legs. Tussled and tucked silks rested around those pretty little hips, held together by a golden clasp. Skin was now tainted by a golden ring, pierced through skin on his neck, naming his Owner and of course his profession.