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Author Topic: [Nicola♥] Turn these into PORTS or CHAR' ART! :) { NEW 29th sept }  (Read 1100 times)

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How does this work, then?

Here's the dealioo.
I occassionally sketch up little sketches in my boredom of being a jobless bum. And now I have many many folders of sketches taking up wasted space on my computerr.

So, I thought, why not turn these into 'commissions' without charging my usual price.
:D So yes. You already get to see what your picture will possibly look like.

Price depends on the sketch, but it will never exceed 10 GD - my usual commission rate.
(Unless two characters are in the sketch, but in that case it will never exceed 15 gd.)

Whatever the price, you get two dollars off if you buy with PP. :)

Edits are allowed, however, please be gentle. I'm only human, and still a developing artist.

What do I get?

WELL. If you have a look on my deviantart art page, you can see what time of art you wil recive.


You can have the sketch turned into a peice of art for your character, or you can even have it shrunken down into a fully finished portrait! Your choice!

For Sale!


Best way of contact -

Furcadia -
  • Sharkeye
  • Nicola
  • Wausa
  • Nicola
  • Shaunie
Deviantart -
Last resort ways of contact -

Facebook -
  • Naomios please don't friend request me, just pm.

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Re: [Nicola♥] Turn these into PORTS or CHAR' ART! :) { NEW 29th sept }
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