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Author Topic: Halloween Costume Contest  (Read 472 times)

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Halloween Costume Contest
«: October 01, 2010, 11:13:35 AM»
That's right. On October 30th, we'll be holding our very own costume contest! There will be two sections to compete in: The New Alt Costume Contest, and the Existing Alt Costume Contest. Following are the rules for the contest as a whole, and the prizes. Below that will be the guidelines for each contest. Good luck, and have fun!


Every player is only allowed ONE ENTRY per contest! That means you may make one alt, and alter an existing alt, but you may not make two alts, or alter two existing alts.

Everyone will tell me whose alt they are (if on a new alt, or if you're not a member, but you are attending) when they enter. Failure to do so will result in being disqualified.

Other than that, have fun. ^_^


Grand Prize: Triwings For Life
First Place (Both contests): One Year Ferian of choice (regular price) OR 10GD.
Second Place (Both Contests): Port Space.
Third Place (Both Contests): Free Commission from me (full sketch or non remap port/icon).

Prizes subject to change, but I have little money this year. ;~;

New Alt Costume Contest Guidelines[/u]

You MUST have created this alt no earlier than the date of this forum post (8/24/10). You will be asked to type 'info' and c&p the creation date of your entry. Please do not alter this date just to suit the contest.

You do not have to keep the alt after the contest.

No numbers, asterisks, emoticons, etc are allowed in your character name, unless part of the character's name (ie: THX-1138 vs. Dracula1131). Please at least try to be original, or use the canon character to it's fullest.

Existing Alt Costume Contest[/u]

You may make a copy of your .ini so as not to overwrite your existing description.

Your character must be in costume! If I see a regular description on you, you will be marked as a bystander. This even counts for those of you who have ooky-spooky characters, so get to designing a costume for them. ^_^


Judging will be done on a point scale. Judges MAY NOT participate in the contests! This will likely leave me judging it myself this year, but oh well. *grin*

Points to be earned:

Originality - 15pts
Concept - 10pts
Detail - 10pts
Workmanship - 5pts
Grammar & Spelling - 5pts

Total: 45pts possible.

(Note: Date has been changed to October 30th for those who have Halloween stuff to do!)


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Re: Halloween Costume Contest
«Reply #1: October 01, 2010, 04:45:48 PM»
<3 I'm going to try and attend hehe.