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Author Topic: SHIT WEBSITES <3 >:  (Read 569 times)

Offline elephantitus

«: October 11, 2010, 06:31:18 PM»
Yea. As the title says I do shit websites <3
They arent shit.. like.. shit looking, but its shit codeing because im new to this.. xD.
I DO NOT DO any of the REF art on the websites.(Im not talented in the art of drawing like you amazing artists out their, unless you count me ability to draw creepy old men <3) You must provide me with your own or all you will have is a box that SCROLLS <3 :D

2-3 GD for a basic website like so --> http://www.distressed.webs.com
NOW IF YOU WANT LIKE.. More pages..  like.. 3-4 (I havent done one YET so no examples,) it will cost 1 GD Per extra page.
(Prices may change in the future <3)


 1  www.distressed.webs.com

More to come soon~~

If you have ANY questions, whisper me in-game on Distressed ;)
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