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Author Topic: Kel&Mel Collab Premades Fo' Sale  (Read 952 times)

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Kel&Mel Collab Premades Fo' Sale
«: October 18, 2010, 02:55:04 PM»
Allo.~ Me and Kelly have decided to collab on premades (and perhaps commissions later on), and sell 'em to the public.

Each premade is 15 unless otherwise noted.
We accept: Paypal, GD, and portspaces. We can't split digos so we don't accept them, sorry.

Our signature is the little penguin, don't fiddle-fart with it. It's bad enough getting one port artist on your tail, but you'll have two if you do it to us.
Unless specified, minor edits are free, and major edits will either cost more, or won't be done.
Minor edits include but aren't limited to: accessories, expressions, markings, and ears.
Major edits include but aren't limited to: wings, species change, tails, clothing, and gender change.

Contact either of us with questions or a purchase.
To contact myself, whisper me on Meli, or note me (Saisashi) on deviantART.
To contact Kelly, whisper her on Cinderella, or pm her on elephant at FA.
Most likely, at least one of us will be on.
And now here are the current premades for sale:

Cheez, Plz?
- 15 GD

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Re: Kel&Mel Collab Premades Fo' Sale
«Reply #1: November 08, 2010, 03:23:40 PM»
bows premade sold
cheese premade up
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