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Author Topic: Alien Portrait  (Read 512 times)

Offline Purplien

Alien Portrait
«: October 19, 2010, 03:05:13 PM»
What: Portrait of an alien species (open-ended)

Style: Any, I'd like to see what the community has to offer!

Price: I do not plan to spend more than $25. This $25 can be spent/paid in however you wish. (Paypal, GD, etc)

When: I'd like it completed by November 21st. (This means that if you work slow, I probably won't be satisfied with working with you)

Character/Portrait Details: Will be discussed when I select the artist.

Reference: Created in TekTek. Something along these lines:

Contact: PM or post only.

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Offline Foxy

Re: Alien Portrait
«Reply #1: October 19, 2010, 08:01:34 PM»
Very cool idea, this would be very fun to do but I'm not sure if I'm considered a slower colouring artist. >_< Probably.... Colouring is what takes me the longest but I can do like art very quickly.
Commissions are open. Contact me if interested.

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