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Author Topic: Simple, clean looking personal websites! Cheap~  (Read 682 times)

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Simple, clean looking personal websites! Cheap~
«: October 25, 2010, 12:36:19 AM»
For a long time I've wondered if my websites were good enough to be sold; and now I finally think I'm ready to market them for a cheap price. I can do pretty much everything except CSS and Flash, my websites are simple html with a clean and easy to access interface. YES, I can embed music. YES, I can add a reference of your character. YES, i can add buttons and different pictures. But you must be specific, if you give me like.. 3 details; the site will probably not be that complex. If you want it to look good, please specify. I will not charge extra for each page or reference you choose to give me. The sites are usually completed within the same day/two days after commissioning, I don't like to keep people waiting.

What I can do:

-Pack/Herd/Flock ..ect Websites
-Personal Character Websites
-Art Gallery Websites.

What I cannot do:

-Intense Javascript/CSS/Flash websites.

Examples: (top>down are in order from most up-to-date to slightly older. most are for my own alts.)



-I will take ported alts.
-I will take GD.
-I will take portspaces.

-I might take art.
-I might take naked alts.

-I do not take paypal.
-I do not take any other form of payment.

-Personal Sites (depending on complexity): 3+ GDs
-Pack/Herd/Flock...ect Sites (depending on complexity): 5-6+ GDs
-Art Gallery Sites (depending on complexity): 10+ GDs

How To:

Commission Form-

Furcadia Name:
Name of Character(s):
Color Scheme (pick three):
Theme (fiery, evil, light...ect):
Font Preference:
Reference(s) (please make sure to have a transparent background if you don't want those ugly white lines around it.):


Either PM this account on FAZ or Jetpack Lady on FAM, otherwise you can whisper me on either Paramour or Adrienne. Thank you~

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