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Author Topic: Effira's (Omg I'm giving in to the unoriginal title thing!) reviews.  (Read 880 times)

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Effira's Reviews!

Please note that even though I have commissioned many more artists than listed here, I will only be reviewing those who I commission through FAZ, or who have an FAZ account. Listing is in alphabetical order!

Alabaster Sea: - http://darktoki.deviantart.com/ - Bought a premade from them in 12/07 and it was a smooth and easy transaction, and even made a small edit for me. In April (or March?) I traded an alt to them in exchange for artwork, and they went beyond what was needed in order to make me extra happy, and worked very quickly. Not only do they have wonderful artwork, but they are a total sweetheart! <3

Rikarai: - She had an awesome sale going on, 4 portraits for a $10 donation to a charity event (forget what it was exactly). She was fairly easy to work with however my only complaint is that she was somewhat slow (she had a lot on her plate in her defense though!) But she finished the job and made me some really nice portraits.

Sanne: - Commissioned her in April 2008 to do two full body sketches of one of my characters for $10 (I sent her $11 through paypal to cover the paypal fees, too). I did get one basic sketch that was waist-up unfinished drawing she showed me as a progress picture, and it was really beautiful. She seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth for awhile, and being a patient person when it comes to artwork I didn't think much of it. I finally was able to contact her through an email address once I saw she had been inactive on FAZ for awhile and she sounded very sincere when she apologized to me and told me she would finish the work or refund my money. I was cool with that! However she hasn't contacted me back again, even after I've sent another 'poke' sort of email to make sure she hadn't forgotten. It's been a few weeks since I last poked her and it is now 10/6/2008, so I don't have much hope that the commissions will be finished, or that I will hear back from her again. I'll keep my fingers crossed and update this if I do though.

Sesruc: http://sesruc.deviantart.com/ - I commissioned two simple sketches from Sesruc and she even added a second character in one of them for me! Very reasonably priced! She gladly made a small edit to each picture to add in one of my character's accessories, and worked very promptly! Paid via snail mail. <3
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Update, added two somewhat older commissions.

^^Hamber + Sasquatch!^^

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Please don't use any sort of scoring system to tell a good review from a bad.