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Author Topic: Wanted: Dream, patches, Forum and skin.  (Read 641 times)


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Wanted: Dream, patches, Forum and skin.
«: November 01, 2010, 12:01:33 AM»
Hi guys :) I wanted a dream, patches,forum and skin made for me, I am the current owner of the uploader of The Canine Refuge.  I sent a message to original owner asking for the dream, but there hasn't been a response as she vanished off the face of the earth. So lets make a new version shall we?

What it entails.

You must be able to make custom patches first off.

This is a canine dream, So varies canine patches are wanted. Such as avatars, and dog toys, canals, walls and floors, stuff that can be made into a refuge, dogs who found an an abandoned building made into there own chillax place is the key. Which is My idea on how I want the dream. The building is out in the forest, with vines growing off the walls ect and banner at the top in front of the doorway saying the canine refuge ectect.

You need to be good with DS AND PS!

You must be able to make me a skin and buttons. 

when I decide i want you to make my dream we will discuss exactly how i want it.

Also forum is wanted too :)

PM me with examples. Please don't post here or whisper me in game. THANKS!

I am willing to pay up 50 gd and life leonen for this dream.
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Re: Wanted: Dream, patches, Forum and skin.
«Reply #1: December 12, 2010, 07:53:44 AM»
Hm.. Seems fun! I'll drop you a whisper. I probably won't be able to do much DS, I'm not THAT good with DS, but I can help you. I can do everything else, aswell.
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