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Author Topic: price check! x2  (Read 1279 times)

Offline Para

price check! x2
«: November 01, 2010, 08:45:32 PM»
okay SO! i've fixed the shading on the cat port, and i recently did a new port which i think my shading has improved upon. i'm hoping to see a little more of a positive response in this, so here we go.

fixed cat port:

stuff i know is wrong:
- the background is kinda BORING and MUNDANE
- no shadow...

new port:

for IVA'S contest where i didn't even place. it was recolored. before the recolored and changed, and fixed some. click
stuff i know is wrong:
- the hair is kind of everywhere, but i'm not sure how to fix it
- i did not put any dimension in the wings, they look flat
- CLOTHES. AHH. not good at this

please dont repeat the things i mentioned, i already know they are wrong. i'm looking for how to fix them >: if there's something wrong i haven't mentioned then i want to know.
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Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: price check!
«Reply #1: November 01, 2010, 09:06:00 PM»
I don't think 10 gd is a fair price. The line art is pretty good, except that the cream and brown wolf in the couple port looks like a bear (unless that IS supposed to be a bear, in which case it is fine). The arms shading on the cat looks beautiful, but you really need to work on your fur shading. Honestly the fur on the howling wolf looks better than that of the other ports. Fur isn't globs, I know you're going for "tufts" but what you're doing right now is closer to scales.  Also, you're putting so much effort into the fur texture that you tend to forget about the play of light and shadows on the body.
For now, I think the overall worth of your remap ports is about 5gd right now.
The backgrounds are pretty nice though, they look very nice.
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Re: price check!
«Reply #2: November 01, 2010, 09:22:55 PM»
I agree with Rex T-Rex.

The backgrounds are lovely, but the thing that looks off is that eagle? port. The line-art makes it seem rushed, but only around the wings and body

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Re: price check!
«Reply #3: November 01, 2010, 09:24:10 PM»
Rexxy hit the nail on the head.
You seemed to have back-tracked from quality in your portraits - if that howling wolf is your oldest portrait presented to us. Your lineart seems good, however the bird portrait seems a bit off, possibly because the feathers are white then the lineart is a hard black. It doesn't seem 3 dimensional as the shading is limited. My suggestion is to not be afraid of contrast. Stick some very, very dark shades in there to make the highlights pop.

I also have to agree with Rex's comment on the way you've shaded fur in your newest remap portraits, the way you are currently shading fur looks like scales. The sections are shaded like small pillows which in actual effect produces a flat look to your art with a bubble-wrap appearance to the fur.

The couple port; The bear looks geat but the light brown companion seems rushed and is not as well done, therefore reducing the overall quality to me.

5GD, but you could easily start receiving that 10GD if you work on your fur skills.
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Re: price check!
«Reply #4: November 01, 2010, 09:27:27 PM»
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Re: price check!
«Reply #5: November 01, 2010, 09:46:17 PM»
I think that 15gd is too high at the moment, you could probably charge around 7-10gd. The lineart is fine, that doesn't need much improvement. However your shading needs some work! On most of your portraits you seem to only worry about the texture (fur, feathers, etc) and don't add in any important shadows or values, which makes the port look very flat. If you improved this then after a while you can start charging more. The howling wolf's shading is great! Try to get back into that style, same with the bear on those joining ports.

Offline Para

Re: price check! x2
«Reply #6: November 14, 2010, 09:43:57 PM»
new stuff