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Author Topic: Seeking major hybrid reference artists!  (Read 472 times)

Offline DarkDragonWolf

Seeking major hybrid reference artists!
«: November 07, 2010, 08:10:39 AM»
I am looking for someone who can give me an online drawing of my character. I've attempted to draw her many times and I've failed miserably. She is near impossible to get on paper, so maybe someone can get her on screen! To be quite honest, I know have nothing but I hope my house-dream making business will sky rocket soon and I might be able to pay more. So far... hope is the only thing I DO have...

I know it's a huge challenge for only a small price. Anyone can offer there hand and like I said I may have more money very soon. If I can afford it, I might even be willing to take more than one, but I refuse to pay or use something I do not like.

I'm an honest person [sometimes blatantly] and if I don't think it's suitable enough for her I will tell you so.

Any picture that I receive, please! DO put your signature on it! I wouldn't have it any other way. All reference pictures of her [if accepted and paid for only] will be placed on her website in the gallery.

So here is a link to her website so you can get a feel of her character: http://spiritofthephantom.webs.com/

I must ask, only to be fair to you to just contact me with some examples of your work. Don't create her before I ask, I don't want you wasting you time. But Give-aways are always welcome!  :D

You may post here, or you may pm me. Or you can attempt to contact me on furc as Wolfsong Erie, Vianca Fantasia, or Rockel Stain. I hope to be getting some people and pictures soon! Thank you!

[Once a port spot it purchased I will be looking for port artists, but not now it'd be useless.]
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Offline Feverdog

Re: Seeking major hybrid reference artists!
«Reply #1: December 10, 2010, 05:19:04 PM»

All my prices are listed there, but I also accept GDs and Digos for artwork aswell.
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Offline Elnoa

Re: Seeking major hybrid reference artists!
«Reply #2: January 12, 2011, 04:06:58 PM»
I specialize in non-traditionals. Please visit my gallery for portrait examples and my DA for my other work, which may be of more interest in this case.