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Author Topic: Price me up? ♥ (NEW EXAMPLES)  (Read 1208 times)

Offline Naomi

Price me up? ♥ (NEW EXAMPLES)
«: November 10, 2010, 05:50:18 AM»

I stopped making ports, but now i'm starting up again after a little bit of practice.
I no longer make remap ports, just because i'm fail at backgrounds enough as it is, so limited colours don't help me LOL.

I make all my ports on MSpaint.
Oldest to newest!

Second port was a premade, and the only image i had uploaded was the example image. The real port has been sold and now has a different design on - just to be clear.

I dont currently have a price set.

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Offline Desade

Re: Price me up? ♥
«Reply #1: November 14, 2010, 08:53:30 PM»
I think your prices are just right. :)

Offline Para

Re: Price me up? ♥
«Reply #2: November 14, 2010, 09:30:12 PM»
your ports are a little overpriced, at least to me personally. the fur shading is kind of 'everywhere' and there is no light source to be found. almost all starting artists i can think of have this problem. you focus on the texture of the fur, and you lose the 'depth' of the image because you forget to add a light source and keep it consistent. the first thing that stands out to me is that everything (your art, and your ports) looks 'flat'. the worst example of this, to me, is the bear port on the bottom left.

like many other people, and like many others will probably say, you should try avoiding colored lines until you've got shading down. i greatly prefer the ports of yours which have clear, black lines over the ones whose lines make the subject unclear. most of your lineart is pretty varied, i'm not sure how much age difference is between these, but its overall fairly good. the wolf the third row down, and third over sticks out to me as being better than the rest, as well as the big cat next to it. the wolf below it, on the forth row, also looks pretty good in the lineart.

your backgrounds are also pretty good, particularly the beach on the bottom row. i would avoid using photos as backgrounds like on the bear, because i honestly would not want to pay for something, especially 10GD, that doesn't have an actual background.

overall, the quality of the ports in your examples greatly varies. your best ones, you may be able to get 5-6GD for, especially if you work on your shading. for ones like the bear, which doesn't even have a hand drawn background, 3GD is probably more like it. if you work on the shading on the ones like the tiger, the wolf on the third row next to it, and the one below it, you could probably get 7-8GD easily.

first thing i notice on your non-portrait art is the size. the small size is nice for something like a journal header or an ID, but i prefer to have a larger size which i can resize if i choose. "freedom comes" is the perfect size, and is also probably easily your best piece. your anatomy is pretty good for your cartoony style, although on that piece the head is a little big and the legs a little short. small anatomy problems like this are in all of your pieces, but i don't see any big, overwhelming flaws.

again the shading gets me though. even in these pieces the shading makes them look 'flat'. on a good side though, i love your thick, clean lines - it makes them very aesthetically pleasing.

overall, for a piece like "freedom comes" you could probably get 8-10GD. the rest of them, especially "standing on a tiny ledge 6-7GD is probably closer.

Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: Price me up? ♥
«Reply #3: November 14, 2010, 09:51:40 PM»
I pretty much agree with what para said. That being said, you also have a great deal of work that needs to be done on your anatomy. Despite the lack of proper shading on the bear it has one of the best anatomical aspects from your selection (barring certain details here and there). I admire your angels, especially the standing dog. You have a bright future in beautiful perspective, which is a good way to make a name for yourself. I would suggest doing a lot more research on what you draw before you draw it. Look up at least 3 photos for each port you do so that you have a good understanding of what the creature you're drawing looks and acts like. For example, even though the canid to the left of the tiger looks nice, its face  more strongly resembles the anatomy of a cat. Especially the angles and proportions of the face and the eyes.

Also, personal quip of mine... I do not think that black lined details look nice. But until you have a better grip and understanding on how to shade and detail cleanly, perhaps it's best for you to stick to black lines for your details.

I definitely do not think that these ports are worth 10 gd yet. I would suggest looking around at other people's work, not to find a new "style" but to see the comparison of quality to price. For now I think 5 gd is about right as a price.
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Offline Naomi

Re: Price me up? ♥
«Reply #4: November 15, 2010, 03:32:37 AM»
Thankyou guys. :)
I'll certainly start looking up on anatomy
The bear port was drawn about a year and a half ago, maybe? Haha. :)
I should have probably ordered them from newest to oldest haha.
But i add my own backgrounds every time now. :D

Shading is my huuuge flaw, mainly because i dont like doing it, and as Para said, I only concentrate on the fur, because i like that part LOL.

5GD seems reasonable now that i've read those, but i still seem to get alot of commissions for 10.
Maybe it's worth going down to 5. ;) I might get more!

Again, thanks guys. :)!

Offline Naomi

Re: Price me up? ♥ (NEW EXAMPLES)
«Reply #5: May 07, 2011, 12:21:10 PM»
new examples, prices please?

Offline Owl

Re: Price me up? ♥ (NEW EXAMPLES)
«Reply #6: May 14, 2011, 05:25:08 PM»
i think 5 is a good for these.