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Author Topic: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Names Posted  (Read 12099 times)

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2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Names Posted
«: November 10, 2010, 04:38:01 PM»
Names Posted

Happy New Year Everyone~!

The deadline has come and I am now going to post the list of who got who, and I will soon have the link to the gallery up as well once I know that everyone has got theirs.

(I don't want to ruin the surprise on what the gifts are like after all~)

On that note, would everyone please let me know via. PM on wether or not they had recieved their gifts so that I have a clearer picture on what is going on?
Thank you for reading~

- Fawkes

Who Had Who?

DT   -   Pidgeot      
Skye   -   Jessami   
Adaleine  -  Drug   
MT  -  Brutal
Farren  -  MT
Pidgeot  -  Skye   
Jessami  -  Sync
Djali  -  Adaleine   
Mab  -  Zim
Sandi  -  Mint
Mew  -  Flock
Boltbunny  -  Mab
Flock  -  Djali
Brutal  -  Mew
Drug     -  Meli   
Mint  -  DT
Kira  -  Farren
Zim  -  Boltbunny
Charissa  -  Sandi
Sync -  Kira
Meli  -  Charissa   

Hello everyone~! I'm hosting this year's Secret Santa Character Art Exchange!

For those of you who prefer ports, or who'd like to take part in both Secret Santas, Farren is hosting the Portrait Exchange here~!

Since this is my first time, I'm using Adielle's thread for this as a template so this would explain any similarities between our threads.
Also, please feel free to point out any mistakes that I have made, etc.

So, without further ado, I'll explain what Secret Santa is for those who haven't done this before, and who are interested in taking part this year~!

Secret Santa is where a group of people put their names in, and the names are then shuffled and picked at random to be passed to another person. The person that is drawn for you is the one you'll be drawing for.

And now for the all-important rules!

The Rules

1. This is open to any artist of any skill! Don't be shy about your abilities because the most important part of this is to make another happy and to do your best to make this possible! It's the thought that counts~!

2. Which leads nicely to the next point. Please don't just join this for free art. It's not fair on anyone else if you 'half-do' a picture. Make as much effort as you'd expect someone to do for you~

3. Only put your name forward if you are serious about this, and this is something I can't stress enough as it can really put a downer on things if someone doesn't get any art. However...

4. If you do have trouble reaching the deadline, please let me know~! As we all have out little irl problems that can crop up unexpectedly, I just want to say if such a thing happens, let me know BEFORE the deadline and I'll see what I can do!

5. And most importantly, respect each other, don't set expectations too high and...

That's all for now in terms of rules, but if you think I should add or change anything, please let me know~

The Sign-Up

Like in Adielle's version, you are allowed to sign-up with more than one original character, since this gives the other artist a choice, but please make only one application.

Remember, each artist is only required to draw one picture for whomever they get. Please only chose your original characters.

And so, to sign-up, please fill the following form and post it in this thread, then I'll add your name to the entry list~!

About Yourself
Name: The name that you usually go by.
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: I may do some matches based on this, to make sure that the artist is comfortable with the characters they are given.
Preferred Contact: Be it via. dA, FAZ, email, etc.

Character One

Clothing Style:
Website, if any:

Any other notes:

If you want to add another character, please copy and past this next part and add it to your post.

Character Two

Clothing Style:
Website, if any:

Any other notes:


For the deadlines, I have decided to follow the same schedule as Farren's so that it doesn't get confusing for those who are entering both exchanges.

November 10th: Entries Open.

December 1st: Entries Closed and names drawn.
I will send out information, via. your preferred contact, ASAP.

December 23rd: Verify that you have completed your artwork. You can email or PM me to let me know~ This is so that I know that everyone will have a gift.

December 25th-31st: You can post and send the artwork to your person~! I will post the list of who got who once I know that everyone has recieved their art, so please, let me know if you have recieved it so that I can mark you off~

Also, like Farren, I would like to display the entries so please send me a copy so that I can make a site/gallery to show all of this years entries~!

*I'd do a collage but doing so with artwork would mean a rather big collage! So came the site/gallery idea. If you are uncomfortable with this, don't be afraid to tell me so~

Any questions and suggestions? Did I mess up somewhere? Need any Help at all? Then please feel free to PM me~!

Thank you for bearing with me and enjoy~!

- Fawkes

List of Entries and Characters

DT - Emilio
Skye - Khorium/Harouxi
Adaleine - Adaleine/Israel
Beep/Lisa - Chorizo
Farren - Farren Dustfur/Duskfire
Malori/ Pidgeot - Julius
Miss Ashley/ Jessami - Jessami
Djali - Djali/Losita
Mab - Joan/Cryogenic
Sandi - Sandi
Mew - Reylan
Bolten/Boltbunny - Lokivia/Ferah
Eve/Flock - Flock/Elect
Brutal - Brutal/Ham
Drug - Tk/Brokey
Zara/Mint - Mint
Demi/Kira - Claudia/Caramel
Zim - Timothy Dawson/Mirell
Alizabeth/Charissa - Charissa Montgomery/Jasmine Montgomery
Sync/Sana - Sana/ Absolute
Meli - Claudius/Wind

My Contacts besides PM:
In-Game: Fawkes & England
Email: [email protected]
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Art © Sushi on dA - Species © Theme on FA


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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #1: November 10, 2010, 05:50:06 PM»
Why are there two hosts for the same thing?

Offline DT

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #2: November 10, 2010, 05:53:38 PM»
Name: DT
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: Anthros, Humans, Anime, Cartoonish, cats/(Ferals: I may be good I may not, but whatever I get i'll do my best), realism
Preferred Contact: PM

Character One
Gender: Male
Species:Anthro Hybrid
Personality: Childish, immature, mischievous
Clothing Style:lacy/frilly, cute, colorful
Website, if any: N/A

Why are there two hosts for the same thing?

The other is portrait art.

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #3: November 10, 2010, 06:43:03 PM»
Name: skye
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: im good with doing anything. armor is kind of an EHHH but practice on subjects i dont draw a lot is appreciated.
Preferred Contact: PM me here or whisper me on Harouxi

Character One
Name: Khorium
Gender: female
Species: dragon (specifically an anthro netherwing drake dragon from the warcraft universe)
Appearance: shes got a blue human face, even though her nose is hella pointy at the end. her ears are little fin things. has one main spike on the back of her neck then two on her lower back and two on the base of her tail. the spikes are rounded on the end. she has small little useless wings on her back and a tail that is pretty long and ends with a fin lookin thing. her hair style is basically a really high ponytail, with the hair around her face clasped with little trinkets and ties and shit.
Personality: fun loving! she really enjoys collecting things and going on treasure hunts and exploring in general. shes a bit of a nerd and is really into engineering too. secretly she is a rogue and is skilled with daggers and being quick n sneaky!!
Clothing Style: girly and cutesy, she likes to wear tanktops and shorts or skirts with leggings and snazzy sneakers, sandals or boots. colors she enjoys wearing the most are pastel pinks, yellows, and oranges. she really likes stars, too!
References: http://i56.tinypic.com/ou31fo.png http://i51.tinypic.com/sql1lj.png <--(got ninja'd) http://i54.tinypic.com/2v0mjch.png (her in her rogue armor!!) http://saethchicky.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/reins_of_the_azure_netherwing_drake.png (what shes based on) http://smackplz.deviantart.com/art/Khorium-185759722
Website, if any: http://khorium.webs.com/

Any other notes: i realize this is really wow nerdy and if you dont feel comfortable attempting her thats fine. if whoever gets me has any questions feel free to ask... and have them transferred somehow LOL gonna post another character tho just to be safe

Character Two
Name: Harouxi
Gender: female
Species: kitsune/human
Appearance: she just looks like a japanese girl with a ponytail and three tails. she has like all yellow eyes and theyre not normal looking.
Personality: shes a prankster jerk that really loves fast food, particularly hamburgers. she really loves trolling- er tricking people and getting what she wants.
Clothing Style: hoodies, tshirts, tanktops, jeans and jean shorts! she doesnt really wear shoes, but if you wanna draw her with them just give her sneakers. oh she has a purple bandana she wears a lot and she has hair clips and bracelets sometimes to keep leaves handy.
References: http://harouxi.webs.com/dressupfinal.swf LOL!! you get my shitty dress up i made :3c
Website, if any: http://harouxi.webs.com/

Any other notes: harouxi isnt sexy dont make her sexy THANKS!!

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #4: November 10, 2010, 07:48:13 PM»
Name: adaleine
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: weak as balls at poses & shading thank you
Preferred Contact: pming me

Character One
Name: adaleine
Gender: female
Species: human
Appearance: site picture picture 2 picture 3
Personality: she's a prejudice farmer who enjoys a cold one and good music
Clothing Style: country as balls
References: site picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
Website, if any: www.adaleine.webs.com

Any other notes: her hair is LONG NOW, like in pictures 1 & 2. i would also appreciate it if someone didnt draw the daisy duke/overall short + blue flannel top combination. she has a dress up game with a variety of other outfits!! please dont hesitate to be creative!!

If you want to add another character, please copy and past this next part and add it to your post.

Character Two
Name: israel
Gender: female
Species: human
Appearance: old west, post apocalyptic
Personality: she's a protective "mother" figure who cons, steals, and once ran a bar. she has no time for petty things and will make it known. time is precious and she doesnt have enough of it to waste on sitting at a bar or chattin up fellas (unless they're her target for $$).
Clothing Style: see appearance & photos
References: picture 1 picture 2 picture 3
Website, if any: http://izzrael.webs.com/

Any other notes: smiling is for the weak & please dont give her light skin. she's mexican.

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #5: November 10, 2010, 08:06:09 PM»
Name: Beep/Lisa
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: females, anthros, felines, humans, muscles, can do males as well. weaknesses: ferals
Preferred Contact: Be it via. dA, FAZ, email, etc.

Character One
Name: Chorizo
Gender: Female
Species: Eastern Dragon
Appearance: see refs
Personality: egotistical, confident, sneaky!
Clothing Style: eastern influence, usually silk robes
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4409399 (preferred outfit)
AND if you prefer non-anthro.... http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3831983/ :)
Any other notes: has a bo-staff

Offline Farren

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #6: November 10, 2010, 10:21:51 PM»
After much thought, I've decided to enter this year. :D

About Myself:
Name: Farren
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengthes: Traditional art (graphite, markers, color pencils, crayons)/Weaknesses: At the moment, digital art other than pixel stuff (I'm still learning), and traditional painting (like acrylics and watercolor and such)
Preferred Contact: Furcadia or Email.

Character One
Name: Farren Dustfur
Gender: Male
Species: Feline
Appearance: I'll just post my Furcadia desc - > Blond hair falls over deep blue eyes with dark circles beneath them, and blue-purple lips smile shyly. His fur is short and white, and his chest is bare. He wears a long black leather coat with torn off sleeves. Black cargo pants adorn his legs, falling over black army boots. Fingerless black gloves allow his ring to show. Two battered white/black/dust colored wings drag the ground behind him. Around his left arm and neck are tattoos of bones, and two thin ropes hang around his neck. A chain hangs from one ear, and two at his waist, another around his wrist.
Personality: Easygoing and laidback mostly, though he can be serious depending on what's going on.
Clothing Style: A good friend of mine tells me Farren's usual outfit puts him in mind of a biker thug.
References: These references are a bit old, but they'll do for now - Front: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=8050   Back: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=8084  Miscellaneous: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=8153 (I'm considering reworking his tattoos, so if the artist has an idea for something similar to what they look like and has bones, go ahead)
Website, if any: http://www.freewebs.com/farrendustfur/

Any other notes: a lot has change since I was last able to roleplay with this character. It's been so long because I'm writing a story about him after he left the group he was a part of. Some things will change, but he will overall look the same. I might be getting rid of his scars, though.

And, to give the artist a choice between dark and light, here's a second char...

Character Two
Name: Duskfire
Gender: Androgynous male
Species: Ssktch (A type of firecat fire elemental)
Appearance: Furc desc - The creature was obviously of feline origine, the long tufted tail swaying behind it as it walked, and the mane of red hair cascading from it's head showing this. A mischievious smile graced it's face, as bright red stripes criss-crossed orange fur. Yellow eyes glowed like embers as they took in the scenery. Broken charred shackles encased it's wrists. Though all it wore was a slippery one-piece, torn-at-the-hems garment, it's gender was indeterminable. As it walked, smoke wreathed up from it's charred footprints.
Personality: Most of the time, he's a very childlike pyromaniac. Due to his nature, though, the slightest thing can change his mood from one intense emotion to another.
Clothing Style: The closest style I've been able to find to what he wears is a toga, which is still quite differant.
References: Anthro (usual) form - http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=12200   Feral form: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=12244   Phoenix form: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=15564    FireDragon form: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=15732
Website, if any: http://duskfire-firecat.webs.com

Any other notes: He's usually in his anthro form, so I would prefer that form to be the one drawn. However, if the artist is more comfortable drawing one (or more) of the other forms, they are free to do so.


Offline cat

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #7: November 14, 2010, 04:26:51 PM»
SUP CAT, this is malori.

ANYWAYS. I was in last year, gonna be in this year.

Character One
Name: Julius
Gender: Male
Species: Canid, of sorts
Appearance: Tall, around 5"111
Personality: A real gamer, loves to listen to rock music, fun loving, a little stupid at times.
Clothing Style: He wears a lot of dark colors, shirts with funny sayings on them, ect.
References: http://i51.tinypic.com/13z6cnk.png
Website, if any: None yet.

Offline Jessami

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #8: November 16, 2010, 09:42:07 AM»
Name: Miss Ashley
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: My specialty is females (anthro, neko, or human.)
Preferred Contact: dA = http://tavvy.deviantart.com/

Character One
Name: Jessami
Gender: Female
Species: Feline/Fox mix
Appearance: Average height (5'5"). Large ears. Large, fluffy tail. Large breasts. Heart tattoo above left breast. Tanish-orange fur with white markings. Orange&Burgundy dreadlocks. Green eyes.
Personality: Very cheery and flirtacious.
Clothing Style: Comfy/semi-skimpy colorful clothing. Frilly lingerie. She adores rainbows.
References: Jessami -->http://www.furcartzone.com/gallery/19/2631-140810180402.png  Heart tattoo reference (ignore the star tattoos) -->http://tavvy.deviantart.com/art/Rainbowlicious-174984942?q=gallery%3Atavvy%2F4822410&qo=9

Any other notes: Jess loves lollipops.

Offline Djali

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #9: November 16, 2010, 11:47:54 PM»
Name: Djali
Art Strengths: Anthro, females, text descriptions.
Weaknesses: Feral, wings
Preferred Contact: PM on here or whisper on Djali.

Character One
Name: Djali
Gender: Female
Species: Eurasian Lynx / Serval
Appearance: Short and wide hipped, big tufted ears with plugs and several piercings in them, cheeks and septum pierced, DROP DEAD tattooed across knuckles, four small pink hearts on right upper forehead, hair is usually pinned at the top in victory rolls, but can be loose and casually messed.
Personality: Alcoholic pin up broad known for looting and murdering. Sarcastic and crude.
Clothing Style: Pin-up. Halter pencil dress and thigh high pantyhose with stilettos.Open to creative alternatives under the category

Character Two
Name: Losita
Gender: Female
Species: Jackalope / Sabre-tooth
Appearance: Skinbyrd with a slag all attitude. Left 'tusk' is broken and jagged. Wears Fred Perry Polo with braces (kind of like suspenders, any of this can be found through google if you search "skinbyrd") and cigarette jeans penciling into untied Oxblood boots. Hair in both references is off - should be fringe(bangs) with the strands at the sides, fairly long, length on top and in the back, but the sides of her head (strands with fringe not included) are "cropped" or shaved down, but not bald.
Personality:Likes to drink and fight, usually in a bar or at a music show causing trouble.
Clothing Style: Typical skinhead/skinbyrd

Any other notes: She's still a char in progress so feel free to add big jewelry, chains around her 'antlers'. Just have fun :3

Offline Tycho

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #10: November 17, 2010, 12:54:46 AM»
hopefully this goes better than last year... I'd like to actually get my art ):

Name: joan
Gender: female
Species: human/avian
Appearance: all her refs are on her site; good hips, smirk
Personality: quirky, snide, proud, sexy
Clothing Style: ref  pics!!!
References: all on her site!!!
Website, if any: www.joaniebgood.webs.com
notes: don't forget her eye tattoo or her armband!

second character
Name: cryogenic
Gender: male
Species: human
Appearance: ref/desc on site
Personality: shy, warm-hearted
Clothing Style: all on site
References: also on site
Website, if any: www.cryogenic.webs.com

notes: scarf and glasses *_*

thank you!

Offline Sandi

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #11: November 21, 2010, 06:47:18 PM»
About Yourself
Name: Sandi
Art Strengths/Weaknesses:
Strengths- Canines, felines, feral, Digital art, Traditional art

Weaknesses- Anthro, equines, humans, hair/bangs,

Preferred Contact: FAZ, or whisper "Sandii" on Furc because I keep her online pretty much 24/7

Name: Sandi
Gender: Female
Species: Rox (Rabbit x Fox)

FERAL: She has the body of a fox, only a lot smaller and a bit fluffier. Her ears are longer than a rabbit's. Her tail is obnoxiously large and fluffy. She also has a bit of a mane around her neck. Her muzzle is extended a bit, but not as long as a foxes' or as short as a rabbits'. Her fur color is golden yellow. Her mane, paws and eartips are red-orange. She also has THREE red-orange tail stripes, and a small design below her eyes (See Refs). Her eyes are foresty green.

ANTHRO: She's rather short, and skinny. Otherwise, her anthro description mainly follows her feral description (except with clothes).


`Eats... anything (really).

Clothing Style:
When in anthro form, she wears a green tank top and jeans. Always. lol

Face View
Full Ref - This is VERY old, and she looks derpy and much less cute than I want her to be. XD
Run Cycle
Anthro- Some old art done by a friend. It's a bit out of character for Sandi, but it shows what she might look like in anthro form.

Any other notes:

Whether it's feral or anthro doesn't matter to me. Both are fine.

Offline Mew

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #12: November 21, 2010, 08:07:45 PM»
About Yourself
Name: Mew (Carrehz on dA, Haru Rainfall on Furc)
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: Weaknesses: Humans (I can -do- them if necessary, but prepare to have their ears covered by hair |D), ferals (if really necessary, I can give it a whack. Buuuut the poses will not exactly be ~*dynamic*~, lmao), shading, circular glasses (for.. whatever reason. I'll still take a stab at them, though), hands (though I've been.. improving recently wtf. Still, expect them to fail xD;;), FEET orz (I.. have not been improving with feet. fff.), aaand.. I think that's it. Oh and armour/super complicated things. I am also better at females than males, but I -CAN- do males, lawlz.
Strengths: I like drawing rainbow stuff and tons of accessories. Art will probably be digital, but I can do traditional, too (I only have a cheapie pack of pencils and 12 markers, though, so keep that in mind). And.. I'mbadatlistingmystrengths plzXDDD;.
Preferred Contact: dA

Character One
Name: Reylan
Gender: Male
Species: Feline
Appearance: Reylan is a silver tabby cat (his fur is Cloudy Grey on Furc :B), and has brownish grey (second colour on coloured ref; Mule Tan on Furc) stripes all over his arms, legs, ears and tail. He has bright yellow eyes (Sunshine on Furc~), and black hair (third colour on ref, Black on Furc). His clothes are patched, and he usually has a bright and happy expression :3.
Personality: Reylan is very, very polite, referring to everyone as 'miss' or 'sir' (he -does- say 'Miss Haru', etc, but he never calls anyone, like, 'Sir Bob'. XD.). He has an accent, not using 'g' unless it's absolutely unavoidable (translation: if I can't think of a better word that doesn't have 'g' in it), and usually uses contractions (won't, can't instead of will not, cannot etc). He is also somewhat formal, and wouldn't say 'bye' to anyone, he'd use something more formal (..don't ask me what. I've never been able to figure that out..). He's cheerful almost to the point of annoyance, and lives on the streets.. he's somewhat of a wide eyed idealist, haha. Romance tends to fly completely over his head, and any attempts to flirt with him usually end up in him asking you what you're doing |D. There are also better descriptions on his refs, heh.
Clothing Style: Reylan's clothes are heavily patched. He wears a short-sleeved shirt, trousers, and a scarf. All are a light brown (fifth colour on ref. Gray Brown on Furc, though I took a few liberties there so it isn't -exactly- Grey Brown, heh), with darker brown (sixth colour on ref) patches on them. His scarf is also a slightly darker brown than his shirt and trousers. The patches have no specific placement (so put them anywhere you want xD), except for the patch on his right [my right] shoulder. There's only one of them, and it's on his right shoulder. (/redundant) It doesn't actually -mean- anything, but hey. 's a dark brownish black colour, with a dark red triangle cutting into it (Courage Red on Furc). Yes, I suck at describing it x'D.
References: 1, 2, 3 (colour ref, whee!)
Website, if any: N/A

Any other notes: His scarf does have patches on it, I just forgot them in the last ref. Reylan isn't a murderer, the second sketches are from a rp in Ambiguity Hotel (a murder mystery dream :B) where he was the killer~.
I should probably get a proper sig sometime soon...
Furc: Haru Rainfall | dA: Carrehz

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #13: November 23, 2010, 06:38:59 AM»
Name: Bolten
Art Strengths: Females, Felines, Anthros, chibi's, cutesy
Weaknesses:  Robots, Androids, Males,
Preferred Contact: FAZ: www.furaffinity.net/user/boltbunny

Character One
Name: Lokivia
Gender: Female
Species: Tiger
Appearance: Aged 21, Tall, Lithe, Dcups
Personality: Quirky, full of herself, diva
Clothing Style: Pin stripe corset/dark almost black jeans
References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4829776
Please keep in mind that she has round ears. xD

Character Two
Name: Ferah
Gender: Female
Species: Jackal/Panther Succubus
Appearance: Evil, maw full of razor sharp teeth.
Personality: Skanky, Mean, Cruel Spirited,
Clothing Style: Naked OR Short ripped up jean shorts, white tubetop.
References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4837747/
Lol. Look me up, I'm open for cheap commissions. BoltBunny on FA, do it.

Offline Meem

Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
«Reply #14: November 23, 2010, 06:05:29 PM»
About Yourself
Name: Eve
Art Strengths/Weaknesses:
+ Humans, humanoids (e.g. Nekos, kitsunes etc), chibis (of anything), women, girls, girly boys and men are my strong points.
+ Anthros and ferals are my weak points.
Preferred Contact: PM on here is fine

Character One
Name: Flock
Gender: MALE
Species: Sheep/Human
Appearance: Girlish, pretty, slender with large hooves and fluffy lamb ears
Personality: Sweet and Submissive, with a very nervous and flighty streak. Flock has a phobia of being alone, and of predatory animals. He's gentle natured, and pretty much everything you'd expect of a sheep- including being a little dimwitted at times.
Clothing Style: Bohemian with strawberry influence
References: 1 2 3 4 (newest)
Website, if any: here

Any other notes: Pleeaaaasse remember hes a boy, xD I've had to edit boobs off of too many commissions/gift arts xD

If you want to add another character, please copy and past this next part and add it to your post.

Character Two (incase you cant/dont wanna draw hooves :3)
Name: Elect
Gender: Male
Species: Genetically created neko (created in a lab for the 'Wonderland project' - my own creation)
Appearance: Scrawny and gangly, hair is often scruffy and unkempt- and the name 'Aure' is carved onto his chest on the left hand side above his heart and just under the collar bone. Ears and tail are often scruffy and the very tip of his tail is slightly burnt. Usually he looks meek and complacent, though occasionally he'll grin, true to his nature as the 'Cheshire cat' of the project.
Personality: Generally quiet, complacent, a little slow (cannot speak in full sentences) and awkward. Absolutely devoted to his abusive caretaker, the 'mad hatter' and is entirely enthralled by him. Easily manipulated. Sometimes does a 180 flip and becomes devious and mischievous, grinning and laughing all the time though this is rare.
Clothing Style: A pair of white briefs and a striped green/white hat (Urahara from Bleach style)
References: 1 2 3
Website, if any: here

Any other notes: He /can/ turn into a feral but as I have two pictures of this already (Yes, my design- used to be on the alt Clogs. If Clogs is seen with this design now that the alt has changed hands, please remind them not to use it- ty)- I would rather the human/neko form be depicted <3
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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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About Yourself
Name: Brutal
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: I'm not completely comfortable drawing humans, but I CAN do them. Apart from that, there's nothing I won't do.
Preferred Contact:
-Furcadia= Augustine
-Furaffinity= http://www.furaffinity.net/user/mobstermuffin/
-Email= finnheit(at)gmail(dot)com
^I can be contacted at any of these.^

Character One
Name: Brutal (Augustine)
Gender: Genderqueer, but uses masculine pronouns. (We'll just say 'male' to make people happy.)
Species: Skunk/Persian Cat/Palomino Rabbit (Skabbit)
Appearance: Often dresses in tees, hoodies, or long-sleeved shirts relating to classic horror movies. Always wears some manner of Chuck Taylor All-Star high-tops, be they designed or of solid colour. Can have glasses on or off (as he does wear them for seeing things at a distance). Can have mohawk up or down. Long tail and coloured wings are a must.
Personality: Extremely humorous, charming - everyone's best friend kind of guy. Can overreact and be moody.
Clothing Style: SEE ABOVE, LOL.
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3578451/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3584927/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4663077/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4413985/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4369494/ (PLEASE see that he wears that collar.)
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3340616/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3981680/
- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4798630 (Far left)
Website, if any: http://www.freewebs.com/lifeisbrutal/ - Outdated; needs some hardcore maintenancing.
Other: Only his right arm has fluff at the elbow, and yes, it is coloured like the rest of his markings. There is a stripe of the same colour running from his neck down his tail, quite like a skunk. His interests are many: Pee-Wee Herman, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice (the cartoon and movie), Labyrinth (Jim Henson), Halloween (the holiday and movie), Tales From the Crypt, Zombies, etc.

Character Two
Name: Ham
Gender: Male
Species: Common pink pig.
Appearance: Often dresses in bright beach shorts, a wool-collared aviation jacket, flip-flops, and a red bandana. Can wear just about anything, so long as it's comfortable and lazy, however -- enjoys having his shirt off. White wings, bull-ring, and full-tank tattoo are a must. Has a string of pineapple pieces tattooed up his spine.
Personality: Carefree, open-minded, willing to try new things, happy... and drunk. Never angry.
Clothing Style: Beach-bum mixed with aviator -- I would love to see him in something to the tune of a steampunk zeppelin operator, but that is entirely up to the artist.
- http://giddy-piggy.webs.com/hammiballecter.PNG
- http://giddy-piggy.webs.com/hamandrhodellebysagawolf.jpg
- http://giddy-piggy.webs.com/ham1.png
Website, if any: http://giddy-piggy.webs.com/
Other: Please do not portray him eating animals; it's not what he does.
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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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About Yourself
Name: Drug
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: Plz don't let me get someone with a beak again this year.  :'( Anything but a beak!
Preferred Contact: PM me here or on http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tkk/

Character One
Name: Tk.
Gender: Female.
Species: Feline/Dragon.
Appearance: Young/teenish/loli appearance, petite. Big ears. Can be drawn with or without wings.
Personality: Typically serious, aggressive, bitchy. Can be on the other side of the spectrum as well with cute and playful.
Clothing Style: She can wear either a long-sleeved half-shirt that cuts off just beneathe the breast or a black corset. Always wears short shorts and white socks. Black leather band encases tail with 4 sets of 3 spikes over white bandaging. Love to wear cool helmets, but sometimes goes without!
References: T K !
Website, if any: N/A

Any other notes: Those are *markings* under her eyes, not runny mascara. These are done in a solid black color over her lighter, coal-black color coat. Other colors follow closely with: t%%J.J;;;<;%%$

Character Two
Name: Brokey.
Gender: Male.
Species: Feline.
Appearance: Space marine! Broad ears that are pierced on each side. Two upward markings on cheeks/jawline, two on ears.
Personality: Epic war machine. Lives for battle.
Clothing Style: Space marine attire as seen below.
References: Brokey, Gun, Sword, and Space marine
Website, if any: N/A

Any other notes: Color code follows: t%',*F589;5$*$

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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Name: Zara

Art Strengths/Weaknesses: I'm not too great with anthros that have muzzles.. e.o

Preferred Contact: [email protected]

Character One

Name: Mint

Gender: Female

Species: Fennec fox



Personality: Quirky, cute, but tends to get very mother-like and protective.

Clothing Style: Furrryyyy.

References: Look up^

Website, if any: N/A

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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About Yourself
Name: Demi
Art Strengths: Human looking things, realistic/semi realistic style and proportions. IDK clothing designs?
Weaknesses: Most ferals (animals), full muzzle anthros (cats are fine), ridiculously detailed things, backgrounds
Preferred Contact: DA note: Demi Email: [email protected]

Character One
Name: Claudia
Gender: Female
Species: Butterfly winged anthro feline
Appearance: A primarily tan furred feline. She is a big cat idk leopard/cougar so she has a slightly large frame and a curvy figure. Her fur is primarily tan. Her torso is white from the neck down to her inner thighs and her under eyelids, brown fur on her chest making a heart shape and all over her outer arms and legs in a "star speckled" pattern. Hair is platinum blonde, shoulderlength and styled into loose curls. Wings are orchid pink outlining light violet and a light gold (matching hair color)
Personality: Friendly, mischevious idk girly
Clothing Style: Dresses
References: http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp10/Zastrugi/Claudia/whaarrrr.png  http://army.deviantart.com/art/Claudia-Ref-186862026
Website, if any:

Any other notes:

Character Two
Name: Caramel
Gender: Female
Species: Anthro kitty with a pompom tail
Appearance:  Tallish, curvy and all that. Fur is a mixture of tan, brown and cream all swirling around. Hair is long and a mixture of various shades of brown. Large golden eyes, a long tail with a large tuft on the end of soft curly and whispy fur that formed a "pompom"  LEGS DO NOT HAVE TO BE DIGITIGRADE IF YOU ARE MORE COMFORTABLE WITH "HUMAN"GRADE LEGS GO FOR IT!
Personality: Flirty, seductive, friendly and playful
Clothing Style: See refs. Her main outfit is a midriff revealing white with gold trimmed top and matching long cloth held around her waist by a golden band with a thong.
References: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3304924/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3621305/ http://i392.photobucket.com/albums/pp10/Zastrugi/Caramel/caramel.png http://www.furcartzone.com/gallery/19/1486-100810201102.png
Website, if any:

Any other notes:

Looking to commission me or just need to contact?
Deviantart: Demi Furaffinity: Demi Twitter: Demidraws Email: [email protected] I do not check PMs here

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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Name: Zim
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: Better at humans, okay at furries, horrible at ferals.
Preferred Contact: AIM (Give Zim SNACKS) or PM here.

Character One
Name: Timothy Dawson
Gender: Male
Species: Reanimated human
Appearance: See reference
Personality: Sociopathic
Clothing Style: See reference (though other styles of straitjackets are acceptable)
References: http://tombstone.deviantart.com/#/d32qgyb
Website, if any:

Any other notes: If you try to make him super cute I will probably stab you. With him. He's not meant to be cute, please. ): The straps on the straitjacket are often used as weapons, as well as what's listed on the ref sheet (syringes and scalpels for those who can't read my atrocious writing)

Character Two
Name: Mirell
Gender: Female
Species: Troll
Appearance: See ref images for basics. Orange eyes, three fingers, two toes. NO SHOES EVER.
Personality: Warm, but deceitful. She has an identical twin, and together they tell fortunes for money. Whether or not she can actually see the future is another story.
Clothing Style: Cloth robes of any style.
References: http://tombstone.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d31xdpb

Any other notes: She's a fire mage.

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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About Yourself
Name: Alizabeth
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: I Suck at ferals I am really getting better at shadin
Preferred Contact:FAZ or my furaffinity www.furaffinity.net/user/alizabethshepherd

Character One
Name: Charissa Montgomery
Gender: female
Species: neko
Appearance: she has medium length choppy sapphire blue hair black ears and black tail amathyst(purple) colored eyes long eye lashes she is usually either dressed in lolita or burlesque clothing usually pink and black colors
Personality: bubbly flirty and shy at times she is very emotional when need be
Clothing Style: lolita or burleque
References: the icon on my FA
Website, if any: I will edit this post later because her website isWIP

Any other notes: she has a twin sister Jasmine Montgomery

If you want to add another character, please copy and past this next part and add it to your post.

Character Two
Name: Jasmine Montgomery
Gender: female
Appearance: long waist length sapphire blue hair black neko ears one of her ears is missing and black tail amathyst(purple) eyes
Personality: very cautious and serious
Clothing Style: same as Charissa's cept purple and black
References: none
Website, if any:none

Any other notes: her and charissa look alot alike cept jasmine has a curse on her to make her look forever 18 so she looks a little younger than her twin they both have d sized boobs

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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last minute to the max

Name: Sync/Sana
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: i'm best at females and four legged characters, but i'm up to anything.
Preferred Contact: FAZ: Sync, FAM: Sync, dA: fang, furc: Sync/Sana

Character One
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Jackal
Appearance: View refs and Web
Personality: Arrogant/Vulgar/Smug
Clothing Style: Formal Military (so if you feel like doing an alternate outfit or something keep it in this style)
References: X
Website, if any: X (going to update with more recent info)

Any other notes: her eyes are different so please make note of that. also she had a brown/blonde hair streak.
also it's impossible for her to move her ears so they're always in an upright position. but if you want to remove her ears/tail and just draw her human that's okay too.

Character Two
Gender: Female
Species: Wolf
Appearance: View refs
Personality: Cold, bitter, quiet
Clothing Style: feral
References: X
Website, if any: nada

Any other notes: her eyes are different, the flamehair is only on her front feet, and her fur is dark grey, not black. her front paw pads are light blue and the back ones are grey.
just some notes!

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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Thank you very much for the sticky~!

And entries are now closed and I will start drawing names and sending information very soon~

Thank you all for taking part and have fun with your art! :D

Art © Sushi on dA - Species © Theme on FA

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Re: 2010 Secret Santa Character Art Exchange - Sign Up!
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About Yourself
Name: Meli
Art Strengths/Weaknesses: I'm a rounded artist, mostly. However, my forte would be anthros, and slightly more towards females. I am in no way limited to such, though I would recommend a different artist for any feral characters, especially wolves. I can do them, but so many artists are better than I.
Preferred Contact: Meli on Furc. If I'm not available PM me on here or on FAM. (both my account names are the same)

Character One
Name: Claudius
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Unicorn
Appearance: Human-looking for the most part. Horn in the middle of his forehead. Wears silver armor with gold trim. Hair is long and silver-white with just a tint of blue for translucence. Eyes are a bright sea blue. Horn in a medium gray. Look to ref for details.
Personality: He's a knight, or he was, so Claud has a very strict, firm personality. He values justice, morals, law, and bravery - the classic knight hero. However, since he is no longer a knight, he's leaned slightly to being a bit cold-hearted and lonerish at times, and during battle he doesn't show mercy, usually. Claudius is the serious, military type with no time for games.
Clothing Style: Armor. See Ref.
References: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/332/b/0/once_upon_a_time___by_saisashi-d33uadp.png
Website, if any: Being worked on, sorry.

Any other notes:

If you want to add another character, please copy and past this next part and add it to your post.

Character Two
Name: Wind
Gender: Female
Species: Feline-ish (elemental deity)
Appearance: http://i51.tinypic.com/35lywrq.png
Personality: Very varied. Extremely fickle about her mood/personality. Can range anywhere from cute/shy to cruel and violent.
Clothing Style: http://i462.photobucket.com/albums/qq346/Blak_Dove/Wind/aristow.png - Three differences: coat has no sleeves (Remaps to boots, if port is remap), 'shoes' also remap to boots (they are white also), 'shorts' are blue, remapping to cape. And no, she does not have a necklace.
References: http://i51.tinypic.com/35lywrq.png
Website, if any: http://wind.agilityhoster.com

Any other notes:
Gengar -

Offline Hermes

Meli added since she just missed out, but please, no more entries~!

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