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Author Topic: Skilled port artist wanted  (Read 506 times)

Offline ScatterHeart

Skilled port artist wanted
«: November 11, 2010, 09:59:36 PM»
I'm looking for two ports, of my shape-shifters Annesta and Isca. The former is easy, and I'm looking for something somewhat similar to the noble feline default port. As for Isca, I'd love to get someone to do a GOOD ferian dragon. I have one ref for Isca, none for Annesta.

I've also one port space free to trade and butterfly wings that will expire soon, as in mid February. I also have a foxen (expires in mid February also) and wolven (mid July expiration) on the alt Stylus, which will be trade-able in a bit less than a month. However, I'm not willing to trade Stylus until I trade off the two digos that are coming in from snail-mail.

So, if anyone's willing to wait at least a month, or to make at least the port of Annesta for me now, do let me know. I'll update this once Stylus is freed up for trade.

Oh, and I do have the alts Binary and Nausicaa, if anyone is interested in those.
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