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Author Topic: Any artists experienced in birds? :3 (Anthro Lovebird Port Art Needed)  (Read 527 times)

Offline Bananasaurus

Why hallo there! I'm in need of a relatively cheap artist who is willing and able to draw me up a simple port for my lovely anthro main, Ozzy.

Here's his RP Repository profile for in-character info.

Here are some refs:
1) This is the most acurate ref for colors and anatomy.

2) This was a gift ref from Tiponya! :3

3) This is a picture of who my character was based off of- my beloved pet lovebird, Ozzy. May he happy wherever he is. :<


  • I'd like it to be a bust (from the neck up)
  • I'd like him to have a monocle. :3
  • The beak and markings should be NON-REMAP because they wouldn't match if I ever get him a digo xD
  • And finally- I can only pay up to 10 GD. I cannot pay you in Paypal. Period. I can also do a combination of trade and GD or just a trade. Look at my gallery and Devient Art ( Candle-in-the-dark.deviantart.com ) to see if you want to trade.
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Offline Bananasaurus

 CLOSED! Taken by Brynja. Page is being kept up for reference purposes.

Offline Feverdog


I love drawing birds, just don't get a chance often enough.
Anyway, ports 7GD per port.
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