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Author Topic: 10 GD Premades  (Read 697 times)

Offline Weiss

10 GD Premades
«: November 21, 2010, 07:07:43 PM»
- ALWAYS will be 10 GD; "Auctions" may be held; a bid may be placed, but the deadline is for my choosing.
- If a premade is very popular, it will go to the first person who PAYS. No holds. You may pay higher than 10 GD if you wish to beat the competition.
- Will make any marking changes, minor character changes (+jewelry, scars, etc)
- Major changes, such as Hair length, clothing changes, etc will cost an additional 2-5 GD, pending on difficulty/amount changed.

- Gift cards
- Snail Mail
- Digos
- GD
- Wajas [WC/CWP]
- Port Spaces (Valued at 5 GD)
- Vampfangs.com items [ask for list]

- SS Renewals
- Alts
- Roses
- Art

- Anything else

You may either E-mail me at [email protected], PM me, or whisper in-game to Weiss. If you use an AOL e-mail address, please note: It rarely comes through. From fastest to slowest response, it's Whisper, E-mail, PM, posting here. Keep this in mind.

Please, when buying, refer to the Keyword.

Keyword: Unicorn

Keyword: Kitter

Keyword: Male

Keyword: Feral

Keyword: Naga