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Author Topic: 10 GD Remaps, 5 GD Non-Remaps  (Read 2456 times)

Offline Weiss

10 GD Remaps, 5 GD Non-Remaps
«: November 21, 2010, 07:12:27 PM»
Ask to see recent art. e_e www.bournetokill71.devia ntart.com as well.

- Remap port with a CUSTOM background is 10 GD.
--- If you find your own background, I will only charge 8.
- Non-Remap Ports will always have a custom background: 5 GD

For couple ports, please ask for a price.

Ports take between 3 hours to a day to complete. However, it may take longer depending on your availability, how many are before you, and time of day for me. (EST)

- If an artist sells you a port and you want changes, but they refuse, I will edit it for you if and ONLY IF the original artist gives permission. They will have to whisper or e-mail me. For these, you may make your own prices. Whether I accept or not will be based on the price you set.

Every 10th commission -from- [not FOR] the SAME person is free. If I find that you're telling a friend to pose as you to up your count, I will end business with you permanently. Consider this your warning.

- Gift cards
- Paypal
- Snail Mail
- Digos
- GD
- Port Spaces (Valued at 5 GD)
- Vampfangs.com items [ask for list]
- PlayStation Console, Games, accessories (PS1 &2)
- Headphones/Earbuds o.o

- SS Renewals
- Alts
- Roses (tag, not used)
- Art

- Anything else

What I can do

- Couples
- Anthros (most species, if not all - just ask!)
- Humans
- Ferals
- Mythicals (Dragons/Kirins, Nagas, Gryffes, etc)
- ANIMATED ports (However, prices on these are not set. Please ask for more info)
- Mature content
- Non-remap
- Backgrounds

If you're not sure, ask. I can try anything, but will tell you if it's too difficult/will look like crap.


Either PM or E-mail me at [email protected] You may also whisper Cruel in-game, or post here.

[Remap info is NOT what colours you have on. If you have two different colours of hair, you may want one part to remap to the colours youhave for hair and bracer, etc. If you need hep with this, let me know.]

Contact me with the following:

Character Name:
Description (Required if there is no visual reference):
Refs (Optional)
(Note: Please load to Tinypic or Photobucket ONLY, or FAZ; I will not accept dA/FA/etc)
Payment Type:
How I can contact you:
Special features you want added (IE, things not on the ref/desc):
Remap, Nonremap, Animated, and/or Mature?:
   IF Animated, what moves?:
Pose desired (you may use stock photos; Optional):
Number of times commissioned (including this time):
Remap Info (Discard if non-remap)
   Non-remap parts (if any):
Type of Background desired (If left blank, I'll make one up, whether it suits your character or not):

ALSO: www.kientrae.deviantart. com -- Doing collabs!
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Offline Weiss

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Offline Weiss

Re: 3-5 GD Ports!
«Reply #2: January 30, 2011, 09:50:34 PM»
Bump for Openness.

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Re: 3-5 GD Ports! (Formerly Weiss)
«Reply #3: February 23, 2011, 07:52:57 AM»
Bump; Name-Change.

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Re: 3-5 GD Ports! (Formerly Weiss)
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Re: 3-5 GD Ports! (Formerly Weiss)
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Re: 3-5 GD Ports! (Formerly Weiss)
«Reply #6: March 14, 2011, 03:37:13 PM»
Awesome artist, wonderful personality, and highly recommended! Shows various WIPS, and streams edits so you can make sure they're done right.
Commission this artist <3!

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Re: 3-5 GD Ports! (Formerly Weiss)
«Reply #7: March 14, 2011, 03:55:16 PM»
Character Name: Bradock
Refs: Anthro: http://tinyurl.com/5uvrt7b. Feral: http://i55.tinypic.com/2nrlxdk.png
Payment Type: Portspaces
How I can contact you: Whisper, duhhh.
Special features you want added: Brad's girlish, cause he's gay. If that helps x3
Both ports remaps pleasee
Pose desired: For the anthro one, could he be in a real girlish position? maybe something like this: http://tinyurl.com/6eafqy4. i don't mind what position for the feral one <3
Number of times commissioned (including this time): 1
Remap Info (Discard if non-remap)
   Badge: Blood Red
   Bracers: Black
   Boots: Black
   Eyes: Red
   Hair: Sun yellow
   Fur: Mule Tan
   Markings: Sea Blue
   Cape: Burgundy
   Trousers: Sea Blue
   Vest: Black
   Background desired: up to you again. ^-^
Quick Note: For his anthro, he remains topless <3

(posted here too, cause i wanted too)
howdy dudey.

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Re: 10 GD Remaps, 5 GD Non-Remaps
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Re: 10 GD Remaps, 5 GD Non-Remaps
«Reply #9: June 25, 2011, 10:55:58 PM»
Bump from the dead.