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Author Topic: Anthro Princess-Kitten - FOUND  (Read 602 times)

Offline Princess Summer

Anthro Princess-Kitten - FOUND
«: November 24, 2010, 03:59:27 PM»
FOUND my artist for this! Thank you to all who put in their thoughts! 
 :D If you were working on something and would still like me to see it, WHISPER ME and I still might give it a look! ;D

Hello ^ - ^

I'm looking for a port artist that could do a port for my character Princess Summer =^.^=

This is what I'm looking for:
- anthro kitten person (can be more human/less human/human with kitten ears.. etc-)
- wearing a princess crown (can be on head off center, on head centered,... etc-)
- colors to be PINKS + some white (these are my signature colors... <3 pinks!)
- light yellow eye color
- white fur with light pink tiger stripe markings (see below)
- personality: super cute, sweet, can be a bit sassy/devious at times
- random fact: in-furc, Princess Summer likes to throw pink confetti in the air before poofing off screen. ;o
- I tend to like the ports that focus more on the upper half or shoulders up, but other positions are good too
- re-mappable would be super cool but not necessary as I'm always in pinks! <3
- creativity!

If you want to ask a few more questions or clarify anything, whisper Princess Summer in-game!
Don't EVER hesitate to do this! It helps you with your artwork and it lets me know your progress to help you have a better chance! ^^

Looking to spend no more than 15 GD (if you have a regular price below this - please don't cheat me out and sell it to me for higher...)
I'll be looking at a few designs before I decide on the final

If you are interested~
- PM me or
- whisper me in game as Princess Summer or
- post below
- either way... just let me know if you're willing to do this so I know how many people are interested!

some refs (for now):

Here's a few pictures in-game:

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<a href=http://tiny.cc/5jn23>PortArt or Ref Needed <3!!!</a>


Offline Princess Summer

Re: Need PortArt for Anthro Princess-Kitten
«Reply #1: December 01, 2010, 11:50:55 AM»
bump for Edit.
<a href=http://tiny.cc/5jn23>PortArt or Ref Needed <3!!!</a>