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Author Topic: Case Closed!  (Read 407 times)

Offline FAM

Case Closed!
«: November 27, 2010, 12:30:53 AM»
Case Closed!
20 February 2008, 2:52 pm

I have no idea where to put this, so I suppose seeking advice from others belong here..?

I sold an alt to someone for one portrait space about a month or more ago and I have repeatedly asked them to change the password and e-mail address to the alt via PMs in FAM. By checking the outbox I can see that they're reading my messages asking this of them, but they consistently do not heed them. I am still very much able to claim this alt, but as such, I'm not that sort of person. n-n;;

My query is, what should I do in this situtation? I'm almost certain this alt is not being used and it is ported. Even if it was being used, it's not being used wisely--obviously.

Any suggestion would be most helpful. My assumption is that I just leave it alone?

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