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Author Topic: Ricardo/Oktoberest/Whatever he is.  (Read 439 times)

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Ricardo/Oktoberest/Whatever he is.
«: November 27, 2010, 12:30:54 AM»
Ricardo/Oktoberest/Whatever he is.
28 February 2008, 8:21 pm

Alrighty. Not long ago I did a trade with a man who owned Oktoberest. He wanted Ricardo and the agreements of the trade were.

I give him Ricardo and he gave me Oktoberest.

And when his batwings were trans within 11 days, I would return them

This was the plan, but then I logged on and it turns out he had past drama with oktoberest, considering I got a thousand love messages from several girls going on about how much they loved him and to my suprise. The digos were canceled. He had told his ex he would not trade them and such, he did and she canceled them.

I am well aware that she is part of this, but as far as I am concerned. I did a trade with him, his past history is not my problem and it is his duty to pay me for the NEW digos that came on the alt. Not her. She did what she did because he broke her agreement and he ruined our trade by doing so. So it is his duty to trade. He has done nothing but put off payment, say hes paying it, but annoy me with useless smalltalk on msn and try to get me to agree to making her pay the fee's. I continue to tell him no and he cotinues to ask again and again. As well as complain to friends to bug me occasionally.

Roo [His ex] apolagized for doing what she did, but I completely understand. Nor do I blame her, for if someone broke my trade, I would've acted as well. Roo has also offered many times to do as much as she can. Including give me 10gd out of her own will and offer to draw me art. She has done much more than she should have, considering none of this was much of her fault, other than canceling the digos that she payed for and he promised not to trade.


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