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Author Topic: I'm lost here... who's wrong?  (Read 462 times)

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I'm lost here... who's wrong?
«: November 27, 2010, 12:31:02 AM»
I'm lost here... who's wrong?
12 March 2008, 8:23 am

Alright, I don't want to point fingers, but I am having a lot of problems with Falicety in terms of alt trading...

The first time I came across this person, I was selling one of my ported alts... they offered me the alt Lip Balm, which had a wolven on it.  I accepted the offer and we traded.

Later, they whispered me saying they didn't like the alt anymore since the port was boyish, and wanted me to give them something else to even out the trade.  Since I really wanted to keep Lip Balm, I offered the alt Aubri, who had 3 month Silver Sponsorship, and they accepted.

That's kind of where I started to get stupid.  I wanted to keep Lip Balm, but I should've traded back if they weren't happy with the trade, not just give them more of my stuff, which is worth way more.

Eventually I just forgot about it, and decided to take a shot at selling Karter, who had a 4-month chinchilla.  The same person who sold me Lip Balm came to me and offered me Hells Twilight, an alt with an awesome port.

So yes, we traded.  And what was stupid on my part, was me not asking if the port was remappable, because it wasn't, and now I was getting angry, since I seemed to be getting the screwy end in all these deals.

I hadn't spoken to this person in weeks now, but I later found someone named Falicety who was buying Digo'd alts.  By then I had sold Lip Balm for 3 GD.  I offered Hells Twilight, and they whispered me saying that it was originally their alt.  We were chatting for awhile at the coincidence of meeting up again, and I told her I had one more alt with a foxen.  (i am not posting the alt's name as someone completely different owns it).  She offered me prime wings that expired in July.  I was hesitant since my alt's foxen expired in Feb. of next year... but I traded away, caught up in the moment, I guess?  

Ready to trade, she said that she'd have to trade me the entire alt with the wings, since the wings themselves weren't transferable.  Upset that she didn't specify this, I was hesitant but once again, I stupidly traded.

So now I am bopping around with the alt Zaphren, who has these gorgeous primes... I enter DP and see Falicety again, which is again, a coincidence.  And moments later, I see Lip Balm!  I whisper them thinking it was the original person I sold it to, but they whisper me saying it's Falicety, who bought Lip Balm from the person I sold it to.

We were talking, and she said she was trying to get Falicety back, because she'd traded it to get Lip Balm, even though her parents said she wasn't supposed to trade Falicety.  Keep in mind, she still had Aubri, and my alt with a Foxen.

She wanted my help getting Falicety back, so I said I'd try to bargain it from the new owner, and sell it back to her... She said it was fine, because she just managed to trade back, but said she wanted me to give Zaphren back, and said she'd give me my Foxen alt back in exchange.  

I said fine, since I had regretted that whole trade anyway, so we traded back, and she then said she wanted me to give back Hells Twilight, who I'd had for about 3 weeks now.  

Honestly, I had never bothered to finish changing the password or e-mail for Hells Twilight.  I'd sent myself e-mail and password change confirmations a few days before, but never bothered to confirm them.

Anyway, I said I'd trade Hells Twilight back, for one of my old alts.  She said she'd sold them all, but had something else to give me.  I said I'd trade, and she said "Good, because she has a Phoe on her." I said, "Really?  I never saw any Phoe."

She said, "Trust me, there is a Phoe."

Anxious to go check this, I loaded Hells ini file, and lo and behold, it says that the password is incorrect!  Now... I was extremely confused.  I never actually changed the password, and now I couldn't get the new one since I had never changed the e-mail adderess.  

I have no clue who has Hells Twilight now, definitely not me.  My guess is Falicety took it back, since she said she wanted it back so badly, and she still has access to the alt since it's still registered to her e-mail.

Now I am just upset, because she has so many of my things, and I have nothing now... I whispered her about Hells Twilight and she never responded, even though I saw her active in AI.

Now I feel like I'm kind of wrong in letting myself get into this mess, and there's nothing I can even do... ;; But I also feel she is wrong if she really did take back the one thing I still had, especially if she still has everything of mine.  I'm just frantic now... my I spent so many of my scales on all those alts I gave her, and now I can't even keep one thing in return, even though it is fairly mine by now?  I just need to figure this out... I don't know what to do about it, and I am really, really upset at this whole thing...

What should I do?

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