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Author Topic: Pricing/Critique?  (Read 852 times)

Offline ninael

«: April 20, 2008, 06:31:42 PM»
I'm an experimenting port artist, after doing a few for my personal alts, improving, and getting a feel for the FSH editor, I have a premade done.
Is it sellable or not? Should I keep practicing?

I'm not looking for that much for my ports, I'm guessing that, at least at my current skill I would sell them for around 2-4 GD, or take commissions for about that amount. At the moment I just have the one to show.

This is the premade I would sell, just to show off the remaps and such. And help and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)


Offline Tonks

Re: Pricing/Critique?
«Reply #1: April 21, 2008, 12:54:09 PM»
Honestly, I don't think anyone would spend money on them at the skill level you're currently at. I'm no good at critique, but the shading kind of bugs me, and the nose position looks off. That's just me, though.


Re: Pricing/Critique?
«Reply #2: April 21, 2008, 02:36:14 PM»
The "anyone" in that sentence seems kind of rude (to me), Espresso. o-o People bought my ports while I was at a -worse- skill level than Nin.

Anyway, I believe the shoulders are a bit too wide:

But I don't know the intended gender / body build so the wide might be fine... Same goes for the apparent blockiness of the muzzle, but with a species.

As for the shading, I agree that it's kind of odd... try laying down more shades without checkerboarding, first, then do that last to make it seem more "natural"?

Sorry if I'm not any help. XD

Offline ninael

Re: Pricing/Critique?
«Reply #3: April 21, 2008, 02:41:31 PM»
Honestly, I don't think anyone would spend money on them at the skill level you're currently at. I'm no good at critique, but the shading kind of bugs me, and the nose position looks off. That's just me, though.

What about the shading bugs you, exactly? The light source? The mimicry of material? I'll admit I'm not quite happy with the hair, but dreadlocks are hard to shade in the fsh pallet and remap nicely in all colors. I'm quite proud of myself for being able to have a decent black remap, because that is very difficult to do especially with clumpy hair.

Honestly, I'm not pretending to be an amazing port artist, that's why I offered a maximum of 4GD, and plan to stick by it. I've seen people way below and at my skill level get commissions, for more than I'm asking for.

Coming in and saying in essence "I'm no good at critique, but you can't draw" is not what I'm looking for. I want honest to goodness critique from artists of all skill levels. Redlines, coloring techniques, ideas for better backgrounds since I just used a freebie...

Clearly I'm still a newbie at drawing anthropomorphic characters, especially in such a small size, and especially without reference, which is the case with this freebie that I drew just as an example of how I do ports.

And thanks for the help, Aku. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going for in gender, and I appreciate the critique. I still need to work on shading a bit, clearly, and I think a lot of the redline problems could have been avoided had I had a clear idea what I was going for, if that makes sense.

Offline Kratos

Re: Pricing/Critique?
«Reply #4: April 21, 2008, 03:30:41 PM»
since im no good with lines and i only shade, everything in this post besides this paragraph/snippet/wtfever is about shading.
the nose needs to be moved up a bit i think, and the way the muzzle is drawn seems awkward.
i can't exactly redline, but maybe someone else could do a redline with muzzle adjustment.
(and btw, Espresso did give you what you asked for.. it wasn't exact, but it was somewhere to start)

might i suggest practicing with a forward-facing portrait to begin with?
it makes things a bit easier until you get the swing of pixeling - and you can practice a hair technique with hair that isnt dreads, providing you aren't already good at regular hair.

besides that though, specifically for this portrait..
it looks very "flat" to me.
and i don't mean smooth flat, i mean... boring flat.
clothes have folds unless it's latex pretty much, so try and find some clothing shading tutorials to help with folds, or just practice until it looks right, or both. (i'd give tips but im working on this myself -cough-)
it's hard to tell since the port is jpg and all, but, i think that i see light shades of fur where the hair begins - it really should be a bit shadowed. (not extremely like the side opposite the lightsource)
i also see some "overdithering," aka overkill.

that might help you get an idea of how much you should really dither.
(i mainly see overdithering in the clothing items, cant tell with the fur)

the hair is a lost cause for me since its dreads and i've never shaded them.

Offline ninael

Re: Pricing/Critique?
«Reply #5: April 21, 2008, 04:41:16 PM»
All right, I'll start working on a new version, with the tips that I was given and upload it higher quality once I do so for continued input. Thanks very much for the input, and I suppose I'll apologize to Espresso in the event that they see this, since I suppose I misinterpreted the advice then.

Thanks to the advice that I've been given so far, I appreciate it.