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Author Topic: Help Us Boycott 'Colorful Illustrations'!  (Read 678 times)

Offline Tate

Help Us Boycott 'Colorful Illustrations'!
«: April 21, 2008, 07:09:09 PM»
Found this on Storm-Artists.net http://www.storm-artists.net/news/184

Please help these artists boycott a illustration book filled with stolen work.

I know some people might not care but this is a serious matter for the love of all that's decent and art itself.

I'm writing this myself as an artist to help an artist/a group of artists!
No we're not asking you to donate money or buy anything we're actually asking you NOT to buy this product.

There's this book called 'Colourful Illustrations'  being sold online for $100 filled with stolen work from TONS of artists! (and they're not getting credit or money for it either!)

The artists cannot sue them and have asked us kindly to post their links to tell people about what has happened and to boycott the book.


Here are links to the artists and scans of the book:


I cannot allow this horrible book be bought and these good for nothing thieves get away with this unforgivable action!!!
If you can please send this message to other people besies those that are on SA.N. We must tell the whole world about this evil doing. Please help! Because if this continues, it could be YOUR work that's stolen and published next.