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Author Topic: Wanted: Female Feline Furc Portrait. Will pay nicely :3  (Read 577 times)

Offline IndigoYuhara

Wanted: Female Feline Furc Portrait. Will pay nicely :3
«: December 06, 2010, 09:31:02 PM»
Hi there! I'm currently looking for an artist to make me  a re-mappable or non-remappable  furcadia portrait for my character, Indigo Yuhara. Indigo is a domestic feline, and has jet black fur :3 However, sometimes she has dark grey tabby stripes. She also has some wispy side bangs in the front and her hair color is a deep indigo. Her eyes are bright green. You can view my crappy drawing of her here!

Or even crappier, here!-

I'm not particular about the background, and since my character is relatively plain, I'd like to give you some artistic liberties. Do whatever you want with her hair if you'd like to tweak it, put it in pigtails, give her highlights (just don't shave her hair off please!) You can put her in any pose or clothing you want, as long as the portrait is from her bust up. I would like her to have a collar on though- a collar with a large, gold circular bell. A little bit of fluff on her cheeks and ears would be nice, as I'd prefer her to look more anthro than neko or human.

I'm also willing to haggle with you for the price. I might pay up to $20 USD for a pixelated portrait via paypal and if its done early, I might give you a bit more as a tip :3... I can also pay in golden dragon scales.  I can send you the payment before or after its complete. Please respond here, or send me a whisper over Furcadia. My SN is Indigo Yuhara. Also, please post examples of your work here. Thanks!
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Offline Adachi

Re: Wanted: Female Feline Furc Portrait. Will pay nicely :3
«Reply #1: December 07, 2010, 06:39:59 AM»
Hello, I was thinking that you should check me ? I have done plenty of ports, but I cannot upload most of them (commissioners request).

Ports ;; Ports can be done fully digital, pixel or digital with pixel outline. Be aware that I'm not very skilled with pixels and remaps.
• Non-remap - $7/7gd
• Remap - $10/10gd

PM or whisper Dojima or 151 to contact. :3