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Author Topic: Port commissions (paypal only)  (Read 462 times)

Offline Crudea

Port commissions (paypal only)
«: December 12, 2010, 06:07:04 AM»
Examples (these are all at least a year old so ports done now will be of a much higher quality):

Price starts at $10, adding $3 for a background (meaning a legitimate background, not the sort shown in these examples).

Also, I can draw any species, not just those shown. Including (but not limited to) humans, anthros, dragons, avians, equines, and any other random crap you throw at me.

Right! So, my furc is the same as my name here (Crudea), other forms of contact are email ([email protected]) which would be best, preferable to furc in all honesty. Process goes like this: you tell me what you want, I sketch, show you, you approve or tell me what you want fixed and I fix it and then you approve, you send payment, I finish, and send it over. Simple!