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Author Topic: Looking for a feral tiger port (sad/cute); paying in spaces and GD.  (Read 470 times)

Offline Heimdall

I'm looking to get a port of my tiger character, Mitra, doing a really adorable and sad pouty face. Kinda like the one Puss does in Shrek: http://blogs.sun.com/blu/resource/PussBoots.jpg :P

His site is here: http://www.rprepository.com/c/mitra
It has ref pics. I basically want just a head shot of the pouty face, can be kinda cartoony, but I'd like it to be well rendered. You can leave out his collars since I know they're hard to squeeze into a port.

I like remap ports the best!

If you're interested in doing this port, PM me!
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