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Author Topic: Looking for anime port artist :D  (Read 611 times)

Offline Snow Spirit

Looking for anime port artist :D
«: December 20, 2010, 05:02:36 PM»
Looking for an anime port artist. paying between 5-10 GD for a port. I need a port for my alt Barasuishou. I recently became addicted to Rozen Maiden.. Anyway! I need a port artist ASAP n__n <3 whisper me on Gamecube.

here are some photos of Barasuishou

I lost my cherries due to an incident with Jell-O


Offline Zim

Re: Looking for anime port artist :D
«Reply #1: December 20, 2010, 11:04:52 PM»
Please read the stickies for the forum description.

This board is for searching for artists of all sorts of character art for your Furcadia characters only. This is not to be used as an "I need an artist" board, only for credit and informational purposes.

Other posts will be moved or deleted.

Once you have located the artist(s), please change your thread title to "Found' so it may be locked.

All posts must be kept ON TOPIC. This means no "omg that's so cute!" or "I LOVE THIS ART!" Relevant posts only, please.