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Author Topic: Seeking: Bird portrait, offering 10 GD  (Read 408 times)

Offline Lord

Seeking: Bird portrait, offering 10 GD
«: December 23, 2010, 11:48:45 AM»
only one portrait for my alt Mockingjay. it's from the Hunger Games trilogy, if you've read the books you know what i'm talking about. if not, the bird is fairly simple--basically a mockingbird with a crown, like a bluejay or a cardinal.

if you do not accept GD, do not post. that's all i'm offering, k? k.

the portrait can either be non-remap or remap. honestly i would prefer it be non-remap.

!!!!!!!!please post examples.!!!!!!!!!!!

you may also contact me in-game, as Mockingjay or Lord, as i don't visit this site often. i will most likely be on as Mockingjay.

like said, i'm offering 10 GD and i can get it to you when you're done. no "I ONLY TAKE FULL PAYMENT BEFORE I WORK ON IT" shit, because i've been down that road and if you don't get the work done in a timely fashion, i never get my art and it goes ON and ON and ON. i'll be willing to pay you HALF in the beginning, HALF when you are done.