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Author Topic: + Adri's Ports  (Read 760 times)

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+ Adri's Ports
«: January 02, 2011, 10:30:34 AM»

EDIT: I do NOT take art trades anymore. Sorry~

I'm going to be opening my commissions for a limited time over break. I still consider myself a bit junior at this so my apologies if whatever background/poses you suggest prove to be too hard for me.

If you're looking for consistency, my art kind of changes style once and awhile, not too drastically but if you're looking for the exact same thing someone else got; don't try your luck.

I'm not a bitch on prices so basically what I'm accepting right now is Paypal, GD, PORTED alts, Premade Art (depends) or Character designs, Life digos, Portspaces, and Art trades

Haven't got a lot of examples but I'll put whatever i have here. They're all out of order but for the most part they're from newest to oldest. The top and second row are probably the most recent.

You send the form in either note or PM along with all of the required info. If you have www.mikogo.com or want to download it, you are welcome to watch me do the port if you ask politely. I will come up with a basic sketch/lineart and then show it to you as a sample; you may approve or reject it and depending on your opinion, will complete the rest and then send it to you over email...etc. I usually do the whole thing in one sweep, but it normally takes me 2-4 days to get around to it. I will drop your commission if you have not payed yet in the event that you get on my nerves, nag me or ask any other questions about 'when it will be done' that don't involve necessary questions like asking for edits. However, PMing or whispering me to politely remind me if it has been over a week since you sent the form is justified.

I am a human being with human limits. If the pose suggestion or reference proves to be too hard; I will tell you. However, I will definitely give it a shot beforehand.

If you do not want the portrait after it is finished, I have every right to sell it as a premade after editing the remaps (of course).

Basically I don't take commissions from people who aren't going to pay. I shouldn't need to say this, but have the money already in your possession by the time you send the form. I will not accept a commission if you "are going to get the money by ---" Have it at hand, but don't worry; I don't accept payment until the final sketch/lineart is approved by the commissioner.

Also, don't be a tool. If you don't like it, say so. Don't make me wait until its like three quarters done to tell me that you don't want it ;_;

-Wolves/Dogs/Canines in particular


-Robotic characters
-100% Fullbody


3 GD = Lineart
5 GD = Full portrait (Remap)
10 GD = Full portrait (Non-Remap - Comes with 190 x 190px original drawing)



I'm cheap, whisper friendly and don't bite.

All you need to do is send me this form filled out in either PM or note on my dA (www.strawberry-sunday.deviantart.com)

* = required

Character Name*:
Character Reference*:
Payment type (only accepting GD, ported alts or art)*:
Color Code*:

Additional Info?:

Also, I do NOT work with descriptions. I may work with google pictures of clothing/hair...ect, but you HAVE to have a ref for the main part.[/size]





-Adrienne/Diego/Alahad @ Furcadia
[email protected] @ Msn/Regular Email
[email protected] @ Backup Email

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Re: + Adri's Ports
«Reply #1: January 02, 2011, 12:18:09 PM»
LOVELYYY artttt. nomnomnom i def want one :3

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Re: + Adri's Ports
«Reply #2: January 08, 2011, 11:01:15 PM»

finished port for diction.

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Re: + Adri's Ports
«Reply #3: February 28, 2011, 08:16:00 PM»

commissions re-opened.