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Author Topic: Want some Non-remaps!?  (Read 734 times)

Offline Cub

Want some Non-remaps!?
«: January 08, 2011, 04:53:34 AM»
*Ferals (5GD/5$'s/1 Space)
*Humans/Anthros (10GD/10$'s/2 Spaces)
*Non-remap ONLY please.

Want A Portrait?
*Contact Information;
*Character Name;
*Character Gender;
*Character Age;
*Character Breed/Species;
*Character Colorations/Markings;
*Character's References (PLEASE!);
*Character's Accessories (If applicable.);
*Desired Pose/Expression (No guarantees);
*Desired Background;

Need To Talk?
*Whisper me on, "Cub."
*PM me here.
*PM me on FAM.
*Note me on DA.

*PLEASE, NOTE your information to me!

Need More?
*More portrait examples can be found at my DA. Tale @ DA

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